How can I become an officer or sainik and get a job at Bangladesh Army, Navy or Air force | height , weight, eye power and physical fitness

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To get a job at defense force in Bangladesh such as Bangladesh Army, Navy or Air force is the dream of many people of the country. These three forces are working for the country to prevent foreign attacks of enemy.

As like as other countries, Bangladesh Army woks in the land part of the country to protect from foreign attacks. They are doing regular exercise to keep their arms and ammunition ready for war.

Bangladesh Navy works to protect the sea boarder and area of the country. They are also taking part to regular exercise on the Bay of Bengal to keep their ammunition up to date and ready.

The function of Air force is different. They have to prevent the country for both the surface attack or sea attack. Bangladesh air force have several war plane, jet and helicopters to serve this purpose.

However, getting a job at Bangladesh military is not very easy as it is a very populated country. To get a job at this field, you have to become very fit for this service.

Here in this article, we will discuss all about these forces and their recruitment procedure. We will also share the criteria to get a job at Bangladesh military.

Although, the aim of three main forces is to save the country from foreign attacks, but their are still have some difference among them. Let’s know something details about the corresponding ranks of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air force.

Corresponding ranks of officers :

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Corresponding ranks of soldiers :

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It should be mentioned that the facilities of the same ranks are the same for different forces except for some different allowance.

All the officers have to qualify for 3 years of professional training after recruitment where all the sailors have to qualify 1 years of professional training. But there are some exceptions for some special branches.

Recruitment process for Army

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Army is the main defense force of Bangladesh. They have to work for saving the land area from foreign attack. The recruitment process of Army can be divided into two following categories;

  • For officers
  • For soldiers

Officers recruitment process of Army

Officers recruitment process is a long process and it takes approximately 4 to 6 months. Here are a demo recruitment criterial for BD Army officers.

get a job, bangladesh army circular

Soldiers recruitment process of Army

Soldiers recruitment process is very short. It takes 1 to 3 days in Bangladesh. Let’s see a demo soldiers recruitment criteria here;

get a job, bangladesh army soldier recruitment process

Recruitment process for Navy

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Bangladesh Navy protects the sea area and sea boarder of the country. Bangladesh navy has 2 modern submarines, some aero plane and helicopters including many small and large ships. Many young students have cherished the dream to get into BD Navy. Here we will discuss some process of recruitment for both the Navy officers and sailors.

Officers recruitment process of Navy

The officer recruitment process of BD navy is mostly same as army officers recruitment process. This process takes time to complete. Let’s see some criteria to join Bangladesh Navy as an officer.

bangladesh navy job circular to get a job
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Sailors recruitment process of Navy

Sailor recruitment process is very short and normally takes 1 to 3 days to complete. After recruitment all the sailors have to qualify their professional training for 1 years. Let’s see some criteria to join as a sailor at Bangladesh Navy.

navy sailor job circular to get a job

Recruitment process for Air force

getting a job at bangladesh air force circular

Although job at three main forces have the same facility and responsibility to save the country, the air force job is treated as most respectful in Bangladesh. Air force has the responsibility to protect against any sky attacks.

Here in this article we will see the main criteria and process of join Bangladesh air force. We will discuss this for both the officers and soldiers.

Officers recruitment process of Air force

We already have told that the officers recruitment process is almost same for three forces. The most significant step for recruitment is the ISSB. You have to become the owner of a very good health to select for the recruitment. Here are some of the general criteria for join BD air force as an officer.

bangladesh air force officer cadet job circular, get a job at baf

Sailors recruitment process of Air force

Sailors recruitment process is very short as other two forces for BD air forces. But it is not very easy at all, as there are many applicants for each vacancy. Now, let’s see the main criterial for join BD air force.

get a job at bangladesh air force job circular

How to prepare yourself to get a job at Bangladesh military

If you are a student now, then you should study carefully as your educational result is a big fact to get a job at Bangladesh military. Besides you have to be very careful about your body and mind.

Because these forces always search for healthy, fit and well shaped person to offer a job. You have to do regular physical exercise to keep your body fit. Eating healthy food is also must to maintain good health.

You can also prepare yourself by a mentor or some of the coaching centers available in Bangladesh. These coaching centers will help you to do well in ISSB test which is the main obstacle for admitted into defense officers.

What after selected by recruitment team

If you are selected for officers of soldiers of any military force among these three in Bangladesh, then obviously you are lucky. But it is not the end. It is the starting of a new profession in your life. You should not become over emotional which can occur any serious accident.

If you are unable to pass the training period successfully, then you will be rejected. For this always be cool and take care of yourself after selecting by military recruiting team.

Others facilities after get a job

As military jobs are the pure govt. jobs in Bangladesh, you will get some extra facilities after joining to these forces for both the officers and soldiers. Here are some of the most common facilities they provide for their members.

Smart salary: All the persons of Bangladesh Armed forces have a smart salary to server their family and personal life.

Career: There are a variety of career opportunity at each force as there are some of the different branches inside these forces. You have to be adapted to different environment for different situations which will increase your ability to do anything.

Foreign course: Almost all the branches offer different foreign course for their officers and soldiers. This will helpful for both the professional and financial condition of you.

UN mission: There are also a chance for going to UN mission which will bring the pride as well as money.

Habitant: Defense forces families have the chance to get the habitant at a very nice and safe place. They are also give the educational facility for all the children of their members.

Medical facilities: You will get free medical treatment at any Military Hospitals or Combined Military Hospitals (CMH) for yourself and your family.


Defense jobs can be called as job of pride for Bangladeshi people. Many young people have entered into these jobs now a days. Many have the dream to do these jobs, but their inability to get a job at military hurts them in life.

However, all the persons of Bangladesh military have the huge responsibility to save the nation and save the country. We should respect them for working for the country and us sacrificing their own life.

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