C Programming | Problem solving with C

This C programming tutorial is made to teach you step by step problem solving. Here, we introduce you with some of basic problems with their most probably solutions.

Remember that our solution is not the only solution of a problem. You can solve a problem in another way and it is highly recommended to solve by your own.

If you have a basic knowledge of C then you are eligible for this course. If you are new then, it is highly recommended to see our C tutorials first then come to C programming. Here you will play with some mostly used basic C programming.

How to use our this C programming course?

You are most welcome, if you have completed our C tutorial step by step. Now, you are here to play with programming. Here we have discussed the solution of some problem sequentially by their difficulty level.

You should go one by one here. Don’t try to copy our code and paste it to your editor. It is highly recommended to practice problem solving with your own written code.

Don’t be hurry. You should think some time before see the solution. Try to invent other way to solve a problem although you have made a mistake again and again. Every mistake will teach you something new.

Try to invent some real life problem like the problem you have just solved. It will increase your creativity.

What we will learn from here?

We will learn here the solution of the given topics sequentially. You should try them in our given order as we have given the most effective order for problem solving. Lets, have a look bellow them.

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