About our C tutorial course to learn C

This c tutorial course is designed for programmers who want to become a competitive programmer in future. We may ignore some beginners topics which you may have learned again and again.

When we want to start learning a programming language, we starts from beginning and after few days, we stop. It is not only happening with you because every programmer who have gained succeed today had to face the same problem.

For this we will not start with traditional “learn C from beginners, or scratch” or others way like this. You are here to learn competitive programming. So, we consider that you have at least some beginning knowledge of C programming language.

We have started with C tutorial. After finishing this C language learning we will see C programming section with some most common problem solving with C language. Then we will jump to C practice and C projects section to fulfill our C language learning.

Now, I’m coming to this course. This c tutorial course will teach you all about learning C programming language. We will solve some problem related to this at our C programming course. So, If you really want to learn about internal reaction of your machine then welcome to C tutorial.

How to use our C tutorial for learning this language?

Try to learn topic by topic. Never go to the next topic if you have still any lack of your present topic. We will try to solve any problem in the best way, but there are many way to solve a problem. Try to implement your creativity.

Think some time before see the solution. After solving any problem, try yourself to invent some real life problem like that. It will increase your creativity although it was the wrong way. Don’t be afraid if you make several mistakes. Only think every mistake will teach you new thing.

  • At first read the full documentation about a topic.
  • Then try to solve our given problem. If you are not able to solve that then think deeply before see the solution.
  • Think about similar problem and their solution.
  • You have to type all the code by yourself. Don’t just copy our code and paste it in your IDE.
  • After fully complete any topic then go to the next if you are fully confident that this is enough about that topic.

In your journey, you have to learn a lot of things to enrich your programming strategy. Take time to learn new thing. Never be hurry up. The more time you give, the more you learn. A proverb are still remaining among programmers that, “It needs 10,000 hours to learn a programming languages”. Keep at last 6 hours a day for your learning and be regular. Certainly you will become successful in your journey today or tomorrow.

So, you are most welcome to start your journey. In your way of learning, if you don’t understand any topics then try to research on google about that. “All the best!”

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