Library functions of conio.h header file in C

In this article we will see some library functions under the header file conio.h in C. All the inbuilt function under this header file is given bellow.

  • clrscr() — clrscr() function is defined inside the conio.h header file. clrscr() function is used to clear the output screen to get a fresh output screen.
  • delline() —  delline() function is use to delete the line in which cursor is present.
  • getch() — getch() is also defined under the conio.h header file which is used to prompt a user to press a character.
  • getche() — getche() is also prompt the user to press a character and it will print that character to the screen.
  • wherex() — wherex() function returns the current horizontal position of cursor.
  • wherey() — wherey() function returns the current vertical position of the cursor.
  • gotoxy() — gotoxy() is defined inside this header file. This function is use to place the cursor at the desired location on the screen.
  • kbhit() — kbhit() function can determine if a key has been pressed or not and is declared under the conio.h header file.
  • textcolor() — This function can be used in only Turbo C compiler which can change the color of drawing text.
  • textbackground() — This function is use to change the current background color.

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