All the library function of math.h header file

math.h is a header file which contains the definition of some inbuilt function related to mathematical operation in C.  In this guide we will see some of the library function of math.h header file. Let’s see the list of them bellow;

  • sqrt() — sqrt() gives the square root of the parameter which is pass through it.
  • exp() — exp() determines the exponential of its argument.
  • floor() — floor() function rounds the argument to the nearest integer not greater than the argument which is passed.
  • ceil() — ceil() function is defined under math.h which determines the nearest integer not less than the argument which is passed.
  • round() — round() function gives the nearest integer of the argument. The argument may be float, double, long double etc.
  • pow(a, b) — pow(a, b) returns the value of ab.
  • fabs() — fabs() function returns the absolute value of argument.
  • fmod(a, b) — fmod(a, b) returns a floating point number which is the reminder of a / b.
  • log() — log() function gives the logarithm of its argument which is e based.
  • log10() — log10() returns the logarithm of passed argument which is 10 based.
  • sin() — sin() function returns the sine of argument in radian.
  • cos() — cos() function gives the cosine of argument in radian.
  • tan() — tan() function returns the tangent of its argument in radian.
  • sinh() — sinh() function returns the hyperbolic sine of passed parameter.
  • cosh() — cosh() is used to determine hyperbolic cosine of the argument which is being passed.
  • tanh() — tanh() function returns the hyperbolic tangent of given argument.

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