Starting C++ practice from our site

In this C++ practice section you will get the basic idea about C++ real life problem solving. We will discuss the solution of some basic real life problems here. By solving them you can start your problem solving journey to any competitive programming platforms. You should have believe that every problem has several solutions and here we will give you the most probable solutions with the description.

Your learning depends on your practice. The more you practice, the more you learn as well as the more mistake you will do. So, never worry about your mistakes. Try to solve again and again with new idea.

However, you should see our C practice too and try to implement your own logic by C++ to those problems. If you have successfully completed our C and C++ practice section, then you are ready to solve problem in any competitive programming websites.

Prerequisite for C++ practice problem solving

It is must to know C++ language to solve problems in our C++ practice section. If you don’t have know C++ language then you should learn if from our C++ tutorial section. After completing C language you have to practice some most relevant problems in our C++ programming section.

You will get the highest benefits if you have completed our C tutorial as well as C programming also. As we have told that C++ is the superset of C, so if you have a better knowledge about C language, it is very easy to learn C++. Besides learning real life problem solving, you should enter into competitive programming with any competitive programming platforms.

Reason for C++ practice section

A very common problem for programmers who want to enter into competitive programming is that how to start problem solving. From where I can start? Taking this problem into account, we have discussed some problems and their solutions here. We can not make you a skilled programmer but we can push you to become a skilled programmer in future.

Journey to become a good programmer is not an easy task as the computer science is going ahead with a robust speed. You have to solve many problems and you have to invent your own algorithm to solve a complex problems. To do that, you should familiar with many complex problems and their solutions. That is the task we will do hare. We will make you familiar with some basic problems with their solution which will really push you to competitive programming if you are a beginner.

How to use C++ practice course?

How you can use this C++ practice course, it is totally depend up to you. It depends on your present situation and skill. But we recommend you to follow the rules bellow to get the best outcome if you are a beginner in problem solving.

  • At first read the problem very carefully and try to understand the problem.
  • You should take some time to read attentively the main problem.
  • Then think about the solution and how to solve the problem.
  • Think about your logic and try to implement this on your own.
  • If your solution doesn’t give correct solution then see the code which we have given to solve that problem.
  • Then again edit your code or write again from beginning.
  • If you have completely done, then think about other way to solve that problem and try to implement in your code also.

Hope, this process to use this C++ practice section will be helpful for you. But if you have another idea to use this course, then you can follow that. It is totally depend on you. Now, let’s see the list of problems which we will cover in this section.

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