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Welcome to C++ tutorial! C++ is a very powerful programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. In this C++ tutorial we will cover all the topic which you have to learn to become a successful C++ programmer. If you have successfully completed C tutorial then it the right time to go with C++ now.

C++ can be said as the superset of C and directly descendant of C language. C++ adds a lot of advanced features with C like object oriented feature, type checking, exception handling etc. C++ is used to develop applications in a wide variety of domains hence it is called the general purpose programming language.

This C++ tutorial is made for both the beginner in competitive programming as well as the learner who have some knowledge about features of C++. You may have heard that the first choice among programmers who want to become good at competitive programming is C++. So, it is surely a great decision for you to learn C++ language from this C++ tutorial.

C++ programming language discussion

C++ which is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell laboratory is a general purpose, object oriented, procedural, case-sensitive, mid level programming language. It is said as a mid level programming language because is encapsulates both the high level and low level languages feature. C++ is standardized by ISO committee in 1998.

C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20 are some major updates of C++ programming language. Everyday some new features are being added with C++ language. However, we can use a number of compiler to compile and run our C++ program.

Here are a list of C++ compilers from which you can use any one of them to compile your C++ code.

  • GNU CC source
  • IBM C++
  • Apple C++ Xcode
  • Clang C++
  • Dev-C++
  • Oracle C++
  • Intel C++
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Mentor Graphics
  • HP C++

These are not the only C++ compilers available in the market now. There are some other compiler too.

OOP and STL features at C++ language

C++ is developed to support the object oriented features like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction etc. Moreover C++ provides a strong Standard Template Libraries (STL) which we can use inside our code to reduce the quantity and make our program more efficient. C++ provides three main categories of Standard C++ programming. These are the core library, the standard library and standard template library.

Prerequisite to start C++ tutorial at our website

You need not know any programming language to start with this C++ tutorial although it is recommended to learn C language first from our C tutorial course. But we will discuss almost every topics which you have to learn to become a C++ programmer. 

How to use this C++ tutorial to learn C++ language?

How to use this C++ tutorial? The answer is totally depend on you. We can only suggest you to get the highest benefits from our C++ tutorial. We recommend you to go step by step and try to keep some time for learning regularly.

We will discuss about some relevant program inside each chapter. You should practice them in your own. You can also practice more C++ programs from our C++ programming section. Then you should also practice some real life problems with C++ from our C++ Practice section. Now, lets have a look bellow about how you can use this C++ tutorial from competitiveprogrammer.com.

  • At first you should read the full documentation about the topic you are learning.
  • Then try to solve our given problem. If you are not able to solve that then think deeply before see the solution.
  • Think about similar problem and their solution, try to solve them in your own.
  • You must have to type all code by yourself and never try to copy our code and paste it in your IDE.
  • After fully completed a topic then go to the next if you are fully confident that this is enough for that topic. You can take help from other resource also.
  • Programming has no syllabus of it’s own. So, never stop learning new things.

Now, let’s see the index of this C++ tutorial. Here is the list that what we will cover in this C++ tutorial. Working with C++ is awesome! Just enjoy it!

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