Introduction to C++ programming language

Introduction to C++ :  C++ is a mid-level programming language which can run on different platforms like windows, MacOS, UNIX. It is an object oriented, general purpose, procedural programming language. C++ is case sensitive for which you can not use ‘Competitive’ instead of ‘competitive’. As it encapsulates both the low level and high level language’s features, it is said as a mid-level programming language.

C++ can use to create many high-performance applications. As it is a cross platform language, we can use it in different platforms to get the best outcome. The programmers who use C++ have a high level control over system resources. They has also a higher control over memory management system. For this, C++ is one of the most popular programming language among programmers.

C++ is very close to C# as well as Java and for this you can switch yourself very easily to these programming languages. Here we will see some more field and use of C++ in this introduction to C++ guide.

Use of C++ for variety of purposes

C++ is being used in different purposes where it needs to make a secure and speedy applications. It is also used where high performance as well as a good control over the memory is needed. Actually the use of C++ programming language is so many that it can’t  be mentioned. Here are some most common fields showing the use of C++.

  • Device drivers
  • Video games
  • Window applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Office applications
  • Real time systems
  • Simulations
  • video processing & graphical applications
  • Neural networks
  • High performance financial applications
  • Audio processing

Various features of C++

There are so many features of C++ language today which can not be described in this “introduction to C++” article. Some of the major features are as like as followings.

  • C++ provides better memory management system.
  • C++ is objected oriented which makes it easy to write code in C++ because it gives the object oriented concepts like inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism etc.
  • C++ is a portable programming language which means the code you have written in a operating system can be used in other OS without changing it.
  • C++ is one of the most popular programming languages among programmers of the world.
  • Comparatively easy to learn and C++ provides a strong standard template library
  • C++ provides strong type checking and exception handling.
  • C++ supports user defined operators which is called operator overloading.
  • It is a structured programming language which means we can break our program into several small blocks which increases the readability and reusability of our program.
  • C++ is simple to learn. When you have learned the syntax, you will find that it is easier to write program using C++ than C.
  • It works very fast on different platforms. C++ is platform independent.
  • Memory management is easy using pointers in C++ language.

There are also a lot of features of this powerful programming language which is not possible to describe. You will know them with working with C++.

Why we should learn C++ nowadays?

C++ is very close to hardware which provides the opportunity to work with hardware in low level. Beside provides strong memory management facilities it works very faster than other high level programming languages.

If you want to become a great software engineer in future then it is must to learn C++ as it is working on hardware level. Moreover, C++ will give you the clear idea about object oriented features by which you can learn the low level implementation of your code.

C++ is the most uses programming language for system programming as well as applications. It is used by many of software developers in the world. If you have a good knowledge of programming with C++, then it is sure that you will get a highly paid work for your skill.

You will get a clear idea of compiler, linker, loader by working with C++. However, it is not easy to become a good programmer with any programming language. You have to work very hard to become a successful and professional programmer and to work with C++. You have to code and learn a lot about it’s various methods and features to become a skilled programmer in future.

What we will learn about C++ after this introduction to C++ guide

Here is the list of all the chapters what we will cover in this C++ tutorial course. You should learn them step by step then go to our C++ programming to become familiar with more C++ program. Let’s see the index what we will cover here in this C++ tutorial.

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