How can I become 1st nationally at any public exam | The greatest guide to do well in any exam

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Who does not want to do well in any public exam? But it is 100% true that doing well is not an easy task at all. Every student has to work very hard and pass a lot of night even without sleep to obtain a good mark. But, if he tries to become first nationally, then it is very hard to go there.

However, it is hard but not impossible as there are nothing in the world impossible for man. In this article we will discuss about the fact that how a student can do extremely well in any public examination.

Beside the student, guardian’s have also some responsibility to see their boy at the top position of his/her result. All the students have some very important responsibility to their parents. And it is true that, a student can obtain highest marks in any public exam by his passion for this.

As a student, you have to bear in mind that, we all have different problems. Different persons have different problems and they want their best to solve that. The main problem of the student life is to study. So, never take it as a problem, you should take it as your work and grow passion for it.

It is not possible to change anything over night. Every success comes by taking time. If you think that you will complete everything at the time of your examination, then you are not in the right way.

At first take your target from the childhood. Your parents have a huge responsibility at this period. And for this I am telling all the parents that help your child to make their passion about a specific subject.

Inspire him to do work for his passion and tell him every time that ‘You are doing well, thanks my boy’. Never tell him/her that you are not good enough. It will really hurt them and make a negative sense to their mind and brain.

I will tell todays students that, rest is also the part of work. Never read at a stretch for long time. Rather breaks your time into several small portion and complete some small small portion of your work at every small time. But never stops and become tired.

If you can make your passion to do very well in any public exam form your childhood, then one day it will come true. It may take time to become first nationally at any public exam but it is possible.

So, never miss your childhood time to make your passion to make best in any public exam.

Doing well in all the small examinations

You have to create your competitive mind at the very beginning of your student life. Try to become first at every class test exam or your other examinations. Try hard to become first always which will really increase your confidence to do better in future public exams.

But don’t be afraid if you can not obtained the first positions. You may have heard the story about the hare and tortoise. The tortoise was slow but he was the winner for continuous running.

Never put down your work for tomorrow. Finish your work today and if possible finish it now. Try again and again. Ask yourself that why you will not do? Who will do this? He is also a student. If he can, why you can not?

Every small success results in a big ones. And for this it is most important to build your competitive mind at the beginning of your school. This will help you to become nationally first in the future public exams.

Taking the target

A smart target and work for it can make you really successful. If you have only one aim that you have to become first at the examination, then this will be very easy. But if you take several target at several times then nothing will happen better for you.

If you take your target from your childhood that you will become topper at your country at any cost, it is sure that you will do this. So, take a target and make it true.

You may have heard the name of some famous personalities who have focused on their target although people have made fun with them. Make your mindset as like as them.

However, there is also a chance to tell all the guardians that help your child to take their target from childhood. It may be related to their study or not. Always guardians should encourage their children to take the right target.

Guardians responsibility is the biggest thing

A new borne child takes all the decision influencing by their parents or other guardians. If the inspire him to take any decision then he must do this. This is the fact by which a child will take the target to become first at a public exam. 

Not only for exam but also in every step of life, guardians guidance plays a vital role for their child’s life. So, if you are a guardian, then be the best friend of your child and inspire him to make his future better successful.

However, it is acceptable for all that guardians behavior impact more on the minds of a child whether he is student or not. All the guardians have the responsibility to encourage their child to be the best at any public exam.

What to do? Responsibility as a student

Besides guardians the main role should be of the student. Every parents want the success of their child. So, all the students have the responsibility to fulfil their parent’s dream. Brain is nothing, practice and passion is everything.

You have to work so much hard that, nobody will get the chance to overcome you. If you can do that, you will be appropriate to get any types of success in life. Whether it is becoming first at any public exam or others.

To make the best result, spend much time for learning, study and writing. Never detach from your target which will make you really first at any public examinations. The main responsibility of a student is to read, read and read.

However, your future life is totally depending on your present work. There are a proverb that ‘Buy you future by present’ which means you have to spend more time to make your future better.

Utilize the time

Time is the most valuable thing in one’s life. If your are not able to utilize your time, then it is sure that you have to regret for it. Every successful man is the best example of utilizer of time. Learn from reading their life story.

Your mindset should be as like as that every second is valuable to you. Without utilizing your time, you will never be able to become first at a public exam or even other exams.

See the result

If you can do all these thing I have mentioned inside this post, then you have the chance to become first at your upcoming public exams. Nothing will be impossible for you rather you well become more self confident.

On the other hand, the opposite result is more dangerous. Without maintaining a disciplined routine, your life will be full of sorrows and regret. Be careful as soon as possible. It is high time for you.


Everybody has cherished the dream to become first at his given public exam, or upcoming public exam. But as we know, only one student will reach on that position. What you have to do is just utilize your time.

How was that post? Was it helpful to you as a student or a guardian. Please let me know at the comment section bellow.

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