Multiplan, the biggest computer city of Bangladesh | process to buy a computer at Multiplan

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Multiplan is the biggest computer city of Bangladesh. Here you will get all the parts related to computer and information technology (IT). If you want to buy a computer of laptop in Bangladesh, then you will get the latest on here.

Although there are many small and large computer shop in Bangladesh, Multiplan is the largest and dedicated for computer solutions only.

Multiplan is located in Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh. The attached road is called Elephant Road. This is a multi-storied building and each floor is for computer and its parts only.

If you are a local customer, then come here by local transport. At first come to Dhaka, then it is very easy to find Multiplan as it is a very popular place among all.

But if you are a foreign customer, then you can do the same things also. Come to Dhaka by airplane and then go to this computer city. You can also order online by taking the extra price of delivery to your country.

Why it is biggest among all computer city?

There is no doubt about Multiplan is the biggest computer market in Bangladesh. You will get all types of motherboard, processor, RAM, ROM, caching, microphones, cameras as well as any computer peripherals and electronics here.

This place can be your all in one solution for electronics and computer parts. You will never get such a big computer supermarket in Bangladesh.

The building is gorgeously decorated and all the shop here is very helpful to their clients. The whole building has brought under air conditioned to ensure the good quality of every parts.

What kind of services you will get here?

Multiplan is full of computer and its peripherals. You will get only the service of buying something related to computer or electronics here.

You will not get and service related to repair your computer or parts here. But they also have a connection with the repairer shop. They will forward you to them. And by this way, you will get the repair services also from here.

Not only computer and its parts but also you can buy any electronics parts like CCTV camera, radio, camera, any kinds of softwires and other electronics things from here.

All of their services are so good that, you will not find such services in anywhere of Bangladesh. So, don’t hesitate to come here at Multiplan if you really want to build a quality full PC for you.

Process to buy a computer at Multiplan

To buy a computer at Multiplan is so much easy. If you don’t have any idea about the quality of a computer, then they will suggest you the best according to your budget. So, you don’t have to thing about the quality of your computer.

They will provide the best combination of your newly bought PC. They will only provide you all the parts of your PC like motherboard, monitor, power supply, RAM, HDD, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, processor etc.

After providing all the necessary things, they will send you to their repair center which is not very far away from Multiplan building. Just opposite to the road.

biggest computer city of bangladesh, multiplan

In their repair center, they will combine everything and build your PC by your brought parts. They will also provide some basic software with your operating system.

However, after completing all this things, they will handed over the PC to you. And by this process your can buy a computer from this biggest computer supermarket very easily.

Customer services they provide

After buying and combining all your parts, they will handover your computer to you. But if you face any further problem about any software or hardware, then they will provide support most probably free except for replacing any parts.

At first you have to contact with them and tell them your problem. They will give you a time to go there. After going there, they will solve your issue very quickly by their strong support team.

But if you have the problem with any parts, then they will replace it without any cost if it is not exceeded the guarantee limit. Otherwise you have to pay for it.

However, it is not the matter if they take any fee to you. Rather it is the matter of fact that they will give you the instant service which is important for a PC user I think.

So, never think twice to buy a computer or laptop from Multiplan. This is really a trusted market for all your computer and electronics solutions.

Why Multiplan is best?

You may have got a clear idea about Multiplan if you have read the above article attentively. Now, it is not needed to tell you that why Multiplan is best as I already have discussed all about this computer supermarket.

Now lets try to point out the main fact that why this supermarket is best for you.

  • You will get any types of electronics parts here.
  • You will get any computer parts here of any company.
  • They provides a strong customer supports.
  • They will suggest the best combination keeping your budget to mind.
  • All the computer peripherals are available here.
  • Repairing and combination service for a newly built PC is free.
  • They will give all the basic software with operating system.
  • The building is very gorgeously decorated.


Multiplan is not only a computer super market but also the heart of all the Bangladeshi computer users. All the stuff have their customer friendly behavior which may impress you.

You need not to think about the best quality within you budget as they will do all the things for you. So, don’t think twice if you want to build a PC, buy a laptop or other electronic parts.

However, I have told all the things related to Multiplan computer center in this post. If you have any query related to this market, then let us know in the comment section bellow. Thanks for remaining with us.

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