We, the people of Bangladesh, why we are so much happy here?

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We, the people of Bangladesh love our country by the heart. We know that everyone loves his own country. There are several reason behind it. But as a Bangladeshi we are really happy. This beautiful country is the place of peace, natural resources as well as a nice weather.

In this article, I will tell all the reason for which the people of Bangladesh is so happy. I will divided the topics to several parts and discuss everything in details here. So, let’s go ahead.

We don’t have got this beautiful country automatically as like as most of the countries of the world. Rather we have to sacrifice a lot of lives for getting this country. There are a tragic and proud history behind it to get this country.

We are at first with the Indian sub continent when the British oppressors have come here and taken most of our resources and wealth. At that time Bangladesh, India, Pakistan as well as some neighboring country was in together.

When we have felt the necessity of removing British ruler from our subcontinent, it was already being late. For this they have dominated over us for about 200 years.

But in 1947, we have got independence from British ruler. At that time the subcontinent is divided into two country based on the Muslim and Hindu community. We have got two countries named India and Pakistan at that time.

But this was not the end. We have not get Bangladesh still then. We are attached with India but under the Pakistan as we are mainly Muslim dominated area.

Pakistani rulers also not very good for us. They only took the facilities and don’t give us any opportunities to develop the then east Pakistan which is called Bangladesh now. Then we have again felt the necessity of being free from Pakistan.

However, we have got our country as a free country at 1971 after a bloody battle of about 9 months. More than 3 million people are died by Pakistani armed forces in that battle.

In 16 December 1971, we have got independence from Pakistan and have got our country as a free and independent country. That was the history in brief that how we have got our beautiful country, Bangladesh.

However, we had not such developed then at the time of our independence. We have to build our own country and after a very hard and long process, we are now a developing country with a good position on this world.

Why we love this country?

When people get anything after a lot of sacrifice then they love their gaining things so much. We are not different. As we have got our country by a lot of sacrifice and blood, so this is a things of love to us. We love our country so much.

I think, if you visit our country at any time, then it is most probably sure that you will fall in love with this place. There are several things which will impressed you.

The country is divided into 8 divisions and each divisions are then again divided into some districts. Thus there are 64 districts in Bangladesh. Each of the district has some unique things to see.

Some of the most amazing place of our country are Sundarban at Khulna, Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Kuakata at Patuakhali, Mainamati at Kumilla, Paharpur at Naogaon, Tea garden at Sylhet, Patenga and Parki sea beach at Chittagong etc.

Why you will be impressed seeing it?

If you are a nature lover, then you will surely be impressed seeing our country. This is full of natural gift, love and affections.

However, we are located near the equator and for this there remains a nice weather in all the time of the year. In winter the temperature decrease to 10 to 20 degree Celsius where in summer it varies from 25 to 40 degree. You will see different scene on different monsoon of the year.

Our south part is covered by Bay of Bengal. This has added some extra beauty to our country. You will be impressed by seeing the rural life here. This are really amazing.

Beauty of Bangladesh

The natural beauty of Bangladesh is knew no bounds. I can not describe in words that how beautiful the country is. We can divided the whole country by four directions to discuss about all its natural beauty.

Beauty of north Bengal: North Bengal consists of some really nice looking districts. Some beautiful districts of them are Panchagarh, Rajshahi, Naogaon, Bogura, Lalmonirhat etc.

Some of the historical places of north Bengal are Paharpur Buddhist Bihar, Rajshahi, Four Bigha Coridor at Panchagarh and some famous rivers etc.

Beauty of East Bengal: There are some nice looking districts situated on East Bengal like Sylhet, Sunamganj, Moulvibazar, Khagrachari, Rangamati, Bandarban etc. I think these are some most beautiful districts among not only Bangladesh but also in the world. You will charmed at seeing these districts.

Some very common amazing place situated on this area are hill area of Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban, Tea garden and some really nice lake of Sunamganj, Sylhet and Moulvibazar. 

Beauty of south Bengal: South Bengal is the gift of nature which is bordered by Bay of Bengal. There are many sea beaches situated on south Bengal, moreover there are also the historic Shat Gambuj mosque, worlds biggest mangrove forest Sundarban, some sea port etc.

All these things will make you feeling so amazing. Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Patuakhali, Bhola, Khulna, Satkhira are some of the nice districts of Bangladesh situated in South Bengal.

Beauty of west Bengal: In west Bengal, there are Sona masjid at Chapainowabgonj, some nice looking bordered area with India, Dinajpur, Satkhira and some other districts too. These are mostly rural area which give you the feeling of living in rural environment of Bangladesh.

Recent development of Bangladesh

After our independence we were not in a good position economically in the world. But now we are a developed country. We already have gained a strong position on the world. Some most recent remarkable development projects of Bangladesh will be discussed in this section.

Padma bridge is the most expensive recent development project which has made the country self depended for communicating with south Bengal. We have gained developed in all the sectors recently. There are also many small development projects which are taken to applied.

Country of peace

Although we are a small country, but people of different religion lives here in peace. There is no conflict among them. Each religion lives here in peace with their own society.

chakma religion of rangamati of bangladesh

Bangladesh is mainly a Muslim country which I have mentioned at the beginning. But there are about 8% Hindus and some Buddhist as well as Christians. All the people of Bangladesh lives her in peace with their own religion.

Life of people of Bangladesh

There are a variety of life style among different people of Bangladesh. We can divide these to main two part. One is rural life where other is city life of people of Bangladesh. Now lets see the difference between them and the beauty which they enjoy.

Rural life of people of Bangladesh

I think, this is the natural and most beautiful lifestyle of people of Bangladesh. Rural life is full of fresh air, water, vegetables, fish and other things.

villege children playing, villege people of bangladesh

Rural people of Bangladesh are very strong physically. They are hardly fall on sick as they are receiving everything fresh. They lead a very simple life. Rural children are very natural and strong also. They enjoy the life with different types of game here.

City life of people of Bangladesh

City life is not simple as like as rural life in our country. City areas are crowdy and not good for health comparatively. But people lead a gorgeous life in city area compare to the village area.

Some of the very densely populated cities of Bangladesh are Dhaka, Chittagong, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Barishal, Khulna etc. I think the rural life is best and enjoyable than the city life of people of Bangladesh.


Although Bangladesh is a small country, but this can be called as a gift of heaven. We, the Bangladeshis are so happy to live here. We live here in peace, fresh, and freely. We love it so much and 1971 is one of the biggest proof of our love for the motherland.

I think you have got a full idea about Bangladesh and people of Bangladesh by reading this post. If you are a foreigner, then try to visit this natural gift for at least once in life. Thanks for remain with world tech journal.

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