Why population of Dhaka is increasing | reasons, advantages, disadvantages and way to overcome the problem

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Before seeing about population of Dhaka city, lets learn about what it means by population of a country. The number of total people of a country is called its population. It is one of the most needed wealth of a country. This is also called human resource of a country.

It is sure that population is most needed to exist a country. But the problem arises when it is being more compared to the land area of that country. The number of people lives in each square kilometer is called the density of population of the country.

Most of the developed countries in the world are not over populated. That means their population density is lower where the population density is higher in some developing or poor countries.

The density of population is mostly depends on the geographical location of a country also. Near the equatorial area, there lives more people compared to that of near the pole of the Earth. For this, the country which locates near the equator are mostly populated.

Everything is tolerable near the equator as the sun shines regularly on these places. On the other hand, adaptation near the pole is not easy as the weather is not good there.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated country with 8th position in the world according to total population. But its area is not so large. Total land area is only 1,47,570 square kilometers and for this its current density is almost 1240 per square kilometer.

The position of Bangladesh according to the area is about 90th among the world. As I already have told that the geographical location is one of the biggest fact about the population of a country.

Bangladesh locates near the equator and for this its population is raising very high. As its population is larger compared to the land area, the way of life is becoming so much difficult here. A large number of people leads their life bellow the poverty line.

However, this problem is decreasing day by day because of increasing awareness among general people. More people are becoming educated and by this way, they are becoming conscious about taking a number of children.

If this process can be continued, one day the population will be steady. The the growth rate will be zero. We are waiting to see this and we are trying to becoming developed.

Population of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

I already have told that Bangladesh is one of the most populated country in not only Asia but also in the world. So, it can be predetermined that the population density will be very high here. Obviously it is true.

Population of Dhaka is very high as it is the capital of Bangladesh. Not only population of Dhaka is high but also the population of other megacity like Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barishal is also high here.

There are several reasons behind it for which the population of Dhaka is increasing day by day. At first we can tell that it is the capital city of Bangladesh. More people come here to search for their livelihood.

Another reason is that many people of this city lives with poverty. They does not aware about family planning or other things related to population growth.

Another and probably the biggest reason is all the large industry, mils, factories have built here. For this people come from rural area to do a job and earn some money.

However, there are a huge number of reasons for which the population of Dhaka is increasing everyday. It is not possible to describe everything here in this single blog.

Relation between population and development

All types of development of a country is mostly depends on its population power. If all the population can be turned into the human power by raising awareness among them, the county will really become developed gradually.

But if the population of a country remain uneducated and unconscious about their life, then the country will face the problem related to population problem. Our main target should be turn all the population to the human power.

So, it is now clear that the development of a country is highly depends on its population. Sometimes, it creates positive effect to the development while sometimes negative.

The population of Dhaka is so much high that it is one of the biggest reasons for some people to live bellow poverty line. We should takes necessary steps to decrease the population of Dhaka as soon as possible. Otherwise all of our development will be stopped.

Comparison of the population of Dhaka

comparison of population of dhaka, population of dhaka city

The above report shows the growth rate of population of Dhaka which is taken from world population review. However, it is high time to raise national awareness among people to prevent such dangerous population growth rate which will help us to decrease the population of Dhaka city.

Reasons for increasing the population of Dhaka

There are a number of reasons for increasing the population of Dhaka city. We should take necessary steps as soon as possible to prevent all of these. Some of the most probable reasons for increasing the population of Dhaka is given bellow;

Advantages of large population

Although we have told everything which refers to the disadvantages due to large population of Dhaka. But there are still some advantage of huge population. It is totally depend on how we are utilizing this huge manpower.

More population means more manpower. Already we have sent many people to foreign country as we are enriched in human power.

More population helps to utilize all the land area of a country. There is also a chance to invent more successful personality inside a huge amount of people. There are so many students who already have established themselves at different giant companies of the world.

Disadvantages of large population

Although there are some advantages of huge population, but the proportion of disadvantages is far more large compared to the advantages.

It is almost impossible to write in words about the disadvantages of huge population for especially Dhaka city. Very few of them are as like as following. You may also have thought some other disadvantages too.

How to prevent the problem

Although it is going out of control day by day, but still there is time to prevent increasing of population of Dhaka city as well as the whole country. For this we have to take some steps which are given bellow;


Not only the population of Dhaka city, but also the entire country as well as the world is increasing with a vast speed. Precautionary measures should take right now. Otherwise our future generation will get a dangerous planet to live.

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