How Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forest of the world has increased the natural beauty of Bangladesh

You are currently viewing How Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forest of the world has increased the natural beauty of Bangladesh

Mangrove forest are those forest which has some special characteristics of trees and environment. These forests are situated attach with sea and all the plants are specially adapted on both the salt water and land.

Among all the mangrove forests of the world, Sundarbans is biggest. It is now listed to the world heritage for its beauty and animal diversity.

Sundarbans is situated at the boarder of Bangladesh and India attach to the Bay of Bengal. 60% area of this forest is located under Bangladesh where the rest is under India. It has a total area of 10,000 square kilometers.

Sundarbans is situated in Both the Bangladesh and India. As the biggest portion (60%) is located at Bangladesh, so I will tell all about the Bangladeshi portion in this article.

Sundarbans is located covering 5 districts of Bangladesh which are Satkhira, Khulna, Bagherhat, Borguna and Patuakhali. This all are situated at the south end of Bangladesh. But this mangrove forest is mainly situated at Satkhira, Khulna and Bagherhat.

And for this, if you want to visit this world heritage sight, then it is better to come to Khulna by any transport. It should be mentioned that there are no direct way to go Khulna by airplane. So, you have to choose some different local transport from Jessore to Khulna.

direction of mangrove forest sundarbans from jessore airport

How it looks like locally?

Sundarban is a very beautiful gift of nature which is a very big and biggest among all the mangrove forests of the world. There live different types of plants and animals which have some different characteristics. 

If you go inside the jungle by boat on rivers, then you will see some amazing scene like many crocodiles are bask at the sun, Royal Bengal Tigers are roaring or many dears are eating green leaves of grass.

You will also notice that many fisherman are catching fish by small boats. There you will get both the enjoyment of journey by boat as well as seeing this natural beauty.

However, if you have not visit this amazing place still now, then it is high time to see this natural gift mangrove forest. This will not be losing your time at all.

Animal diversity

There are so many different animals live here in Sundarbans. This place is an excellent example of animal diversity. There lives some globally endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Irawadi dolphins as well as estuarine crocodiles. This mangrove forest is also a place of critically endangered endemic river terrapin.

Here in Sundarban there are 693 species of animals which includes various mammals, reptiles, fishes, shrimps, crabs amphibians, mollusks etc.

Besides animal diversity this is also a great example of plant diversity. You can see many kinds of snake, dears, bear, monkey, Tiger, various birds etc. However, this place is so beautiful that you can not forget it after visiting for once.

Plant diversity

As I have previously told that this mangrove forest is one of the biggest examples of animal and plant diversity. I already have discussed about animal diversity. Now it is time for plant diversity.

In this mangrove forest there are 334 plant species which includes various genera and families. There are about 165 algae and 13 orchid in Sundarban.

Belonging to these animal and plant diversity, this place is really a gift of nature. So, don’t miss it.

Rivers, fish and local people

Bangladesh is called as a riverine country and for this all the rivers are covering this country like nets. Sundarban is also a part of Bangladesh and there are about 177 rivers have flowing through this mangrove forest.

However, the list of all these rivers will not be described hare. You can find them at Wikipedia by clicking this link


Many local people earns their livelihood by catching fish here.

You will see so many small boats with light in the night. They all are fisherman. They catch fish for whole night and come to home at dawn. Although this scene looks very beautiful to us, but their life is not very easy. There are a risk at every time about rough weather.

Many local people are doing different things to live here. They are directly or indirectly depend on this forest. Some of them collect natural honey, some of them makes some nice handmade things, some of them have catch crabs, shrimps etc.

Their life is really looks amazing to the visitors although they have to suffer a lot with the dangerous attack of different animals. You have to be very careful at the time of visiting this forest.

Guide to visitors

If you are a local people, that means if you live in Bangladesh. Then come to Khulna at first. Then if is very easy to visit Sundarbans. Some hotels will give you the boat to see everything of this forest.

You can also hire local boat to see the forest. You can also go to Mongla port for best experience about this mangrove forest. All you have to do is just come to Khulna, Mongla or Satkhira then take help of local transportation to see this forest.

But, if you are a foreigner, then you have to come Dhaka airport first. Then you can go the Khulna by local transport or you can go to Jessore airport by airplane. Then form Jessore, it is very easy to go Khulna and visit this amazing scene.

However, you will find it is very easy to visit Sundarban. All you have to do is just take time and come to our beautiful Bangladesh to see this place.


There are so many forest in this world. Some of them are very large where some are small. Inside different types of forest, mangrove forest is one of the important type. Because, it shows some different characteristics as there are both the soil and water are salty.

Sundarban is the biggest mangrove forest in this world. It is situated in Bangladesh which have given some really beautiful natural scene. I have already told all these things in this post. So, I have you have find this post very helpful to you.

I think, you have got a clear idea about the world heritage sight Sundarban. If you have any question yet, then please tell us in the comment section bellow.

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