Top 10 things to make the brain sharper, faster and smarter

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We need to do something to make the brain sharper, faster and smarter. Everyone wants a sharper and faster brain. But human brain can be made very faster by doing some works regularly.

In this post I will tell you 10 things which will be very helpful to make your brain sharper, faster and smarter. If you can practice these things regularly, then it is sure that you will get a very faster and smarter brain.

All you have to do is just some changes on your daily life to get a sharper brain. Here I have discussed some very easy tips to make the brain sharper, faster and smarter.

Although there is no limitation of tips to make the brain sharper, faster and smarter but I will discuss only main 10 tips here. After this 10 I will give some extra tips which can help you to reach your goal. Here is the top 10 tips for you. Let’s go through this list.

Using opposite hands

This can be said as the most important tips to make your brain really faster and sharper. If you do some regular works with your right hands, then try doing same things using your left hand. This is the opposite hand rule.

This will excite your brain and the nerve cells will be more effective. You should do all your daily works like brush your teeth, eat, pull something, washing etc. You can also try out writing with your opposite hands.

So, try this from today. You will see the result after a few days later.

Variation on clothes

Try to wear new dress everyday. New dress does not means that you have to buy a new dress each day. If you have a few dress of your own then try to wear each dress for one day and another for other day.

This will refresh your mind and make your brain more effective. So, never wear a dress for a few days continuously. Keep a variation for wearing dress.

Try to solve tricky math

Solving math problems is really good for your brain. Human brain will be more powerful if it practice solving something. By practicing them, we will learn new things continuously.

You can choose programming for this purpose. Programming can increase the gray layer of your brain and for this your brain will be more sharp. Your mind will be more active. Each time you make a program, try to build your own logic.

However, you have no way without practicing math problems to make your brain sharper, faster and smarter. So, try this from now. Hope, this will help you.

Build your body, take regular exercise

This is one of our super tips number 4. Health is the most important and nothing can be compared with this. If you are not healthy, you can not attentive to anything.

To become healthy, keep some time to take regular exercise. You can walk on the morning or even go to a gymnasium to build your body.

However, taking regular exercise will also make your mind fresh and positive. You will be more confident on yourself. So, never stop to do regular exercise to make the brain sharper, faster and smarter.


Meditation can be called as a master tips to make the brain more effective and faster. If you choose a right place for meditation everyday, then you will really see the amazing changes of your brain.

Regular meditation is very necessary for developing the brain. So, never stop to do meditation regularly to make your brain more faster and smarter.

Playing Rubik’s Cube

You may have become wonder to hearing this. ‘Yes’ Solving Rubik’s Cube can really improve your knowledge and thinking level. Try to solve this cube when you will get time.

This will give you some extra pleasure and feelings. It also abstain from negative thinking. Just try this if you want really the change of yourself.

Drinking coffee

If you have already the practice to drink coffee, then it is no doubt that you already have made a good practice. But if you have not made this practice, then try it.

You should drink coffee in moderation but do not take too much. It will help you to make your brain sharper, faster and smarter.

Play brain games

Playing some brain games can really discover your actual talent. These will increase your thinking capacity. You can play chess which can be called a brain game.

Try to discover some brain games like chess and send me via the comment box. However, playing chess is very helpful for your brain.

Drink enough pure water

You should drink at least 8 glasses of fresh water every day. But do not drink excess water. Many people like to drink more water but it is a wrong idea. You should take at least 7 to 8 hours sleep at every night.

Other things to do

There is no limitations of tips to make your brain sharper and mind fresh. You may have also tell some tips as like as thinking positive, early rising, proper sleeping, eat healthy food, live in a healthy environment etc.

It is true that we can not do all this things as we have so much limitations. But what we can do is just try our best to obey maximum tips from above.

However, if you follow all these tips, then you will really see the changes of your mind, brain and body. So, try this as soon as possible if you want to change yourself.

In this post I have discussed most effective 10 tips to make your brain sharper, faster and smarter. Hope, this was helpful for you.

Tell me using the comment box that the post was helpful or not. Please share your opinion also that how we can make our brain sharper, faster and more smarter.

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