50 most important recent tech MCQ - 2021

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01. Which is the most general form of energy?

a.  Heat energy

b.  Sound energy

c.  Electric energy

d.  Mechanical energy

Don’t know the answer?

Mechanical energy is the most common forms of energy in the world. It includes potential energy and kinetic energy.

02. Who is the founder of Relativity theory?

a.  Max Plank

b.  Albert Einstein

c.  Maxwell

d.  Rontgen

Don’t know the answer?

Albert Einstein is the inventor or founder of Relativity Theory.

03. Which is not the equivalent of 0.5 nanometer?

a.  500 picometer

b.  0.0005 micrometer

c.  0.05 millimeter

d.  500000 femtometer

Don’t know the answer?

0.05 millimeter is not equivalent to 0.5 nanometer.

04. Who is known as the inventor of Calculus?

a.  Alhazen

b.  Newton

c.  Galileo

d.  Kepler

Don’t know the answer?

Newton is the inventor of Calculus.

05. Which is the S.I unit of temperature?

a.  Celsius

b.  Kelvin

c.  Jule

d.  Calorie

Don’t know the answer?

Kelvin is the S.I unit of temperature.

06. Base of Hexadecimal number is = ?

a.  2

b.  8

c.  10

d.  16

Don’t know the answer?

16 is the base of hexadecimal number.

07. Which was the primary Stage of Internet?




d.  WWW

Don’t know the answer?

ARPANET was the primary or first stage of Internet.

08. Which is being used in genetic engineering?

a.  DNA

b.  RAN

c.  XY

d.  None of the above

Don’t know the answer?

DNA is being used in genetic engineering technology.

09. How many planet are there in solar system?

a.  6

b.  7

c.  8

d.  9

Don’t know the answer?

There are 8 planet are there in our solar system.

10. Which is the biggest planet of solar system?

a.  Saturn

b.  Jupiter

c.  Neptune

d.  Venus

Don’t know the answer?

11. Which is not the classification of computer network?

a.  LAN

b.  WAN

c.  GAN

d.  DAN

Don’t know the answer?

DAN is not the classification of network.

12. Which digit is used in octal number?

a.  F

b.  7

c.  8

d.  9

Don’t know the answer?

Correct answer is 7.

13. Which is not the fundamental logic gate?

a.  AND

b.  OR

c.  NOT

d.  NAND

Don’t know the answer?

NAND gate is not the fundamental logic gate.

14. Which is universal logic gate?

a.  NOR

b.  AND

c.  NOT

d.  OR

Don’t know the answer?

NAND and NOR are two universal logic gate. So, the correct answer is NOR gate.

15. What stands for HTML?

a.  Hyper Text Marking Language

b.  Hyper Test Markup Language

c.  Hyper Test Marking Language

d.  Hyper Text Markup Language

Don’t know the answer?

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language.

16. ATM stands for which of the following?

a.  Automatic Teller Machine

b.  Automated Teller Machine

c.  Auto Teller Machine

d.  Automated Tailor Machine

Don’t know the answer?

ATM stands for the abbreviation of Automated Teller Machine.

17. Which is the full form of CPU?

a.  Central Processing Unit

b.  Center Processor Unit

c.  Central Processor Unit

d.  Central Preprocessor Unit

Don’t know the answer?

CPU means Central Processing Unit

18. Which of the following is not Alphanumeric Code?

a.  ASCII code

b.  EBCDIC code

c.  Binary code

d.  Unicode

Don’t know the answer?

Binary code is not an Alphanumeric Code.

19. Which is used to measure atmospheric pressure?

a.  Thermometer

b.  Ammeter

c.  Barometer

d.  Hygrometer

Don’t know the answer?

Barometer is used to measure the atmospheric pressure.

20. Transistor was first invented in which year?

a.  1945

b.  1947

c.  1949

d.  1951

Don’t know the answer?

Transistor was first invented in 1947.

21. LED means ________ .

a.  Light Emitting Diode

b.  Light Emission Device

c.  Large Emission Diode

d.  Light Energy Diode

Don’t know the answer?

Light Emitting Diode

22. Ammeter is used for measuring ______ .

a.  Voltage

b.  Current

c.  Charge

d.  Force

Don’t know the answer?

23. Unit of charge is ______ .

a.  Ampere

b.  Coulomb

c.  Ohm

d.  Voltage

Don’t know the answer?

Coulomb is the unit of charge.

24. Speed of sound is higher in ______ .

a.  Solid medium

b.  Liquid medium

c.  Gaseous medium

d.  Null medium

Don’t know the answer?

Solid medium

25. Speed of light in Null medium is ______ .

a.  3,00,000 km/s

b.  30,000 km/s

c.  3,00,000 m/s

d.  30,000 m/s

Don’t know the answer?

3,00,000 km/s