Why you should visit Parki Sea Beach for at least once in life | beauty, enjoyment and direction

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Parki Sea Beach which is situated at Chittagong is one of the most beautiful sea beach of not only Bangladesh but also the world. The nature have given some really amazing scene to us and this parki sea beach is one of them.

In this article, I will tell my experience of visiting this place with how you can go there and some other things related to this sea beach.

I have seen almost all the sea beach of Bangladesh. The Cox’s Bazar sea beach which is the longest sea beach in the world, Potenga sea beach, Kuakata sea beach etc. But I have found Parki sea beach as the most beautiful one.

As I have told it as the most beautiful one, so I will tell everything related to this sea beach. Now, let’s see the location of this sea beach first.

Parki beach is located at Chittagong district of Bangladesh. The beach is under Anwara, Chittagong with some extra beauty.

Direction of Parki beach, how to go?

Dhaka is the capital city where Chittagong is called the city of trade in Bangladesh. If you want to go Parki beach an you are a foreigner here, then come to Dhaka or Chittagong by Airplane first.

dhaka to parki sea beach direction, parki sea beach, parki beach

If you have landed on Dhaka, then go to Chittagong by airplane or other transport. Then you have to cross Karnaphuli River by speed boat or normal boat. Then you can go to Parki sea beach by local transport which will take at about 10 to 15 minutes.

chittagong to parki sea beach direction, parki sea beach, parki beach

At the way of your going there, you will see the unbelievable beauty of nature. You can enjoy these things at this 10 to 15 minutes before reaching there at Parki beach.

beauty of road of parki beach

Why parki beach is beautiful?

When you will come here at Parki beach, you will be very exclaimed seeing its beauty. This beach is totally out of main city. There you will see very few people and the natural wind will impressed you.

You will see the natural beauty of Parki sea beach as like as bellow;

beautiful parki sea beach

Decorated local restaurant where tourist can enjoy their time. It is full of natural wind and beauty.

tourist attraction of parki sea beach

There is also a lake and you can rent a boat for some times and pull it on that lake. This has increased the beauty of parki beach. There you will see some universities student are enjoying themselves with big party and singing song.

Lake near parki beach

Looking to the sea, you will really be very impressed. This is really amazing and enjoyable scene.

natural beauty of parki sea beach

Some local restaurant will offer you different types of delicious local food and accommodation to take rest.

local restaurant rent canvas of parki sea beach

Here you will see a grounding ship which has grounded by falling into an accident of damaged its engine on rough weather.

nice parki beach

Now it is time to enjoy yourself. Just look at the see from a nice open restaurant.

parki sea beach at rainy season
grounding ship at parki sea beach
ship grounding at parki beach large image
natural scene of parki beach
beautiful scene of parki sea beach, prki beach
unforgottable memory and scene of parki beach

Caution before going to Parki sea beach

If you already have decided to go Parki sea beach, then this section may be very helpful to you. For local people, it is must to look after your own things like bike, bicycle, moneybag or other necessary things. Otherwise there is a chance to steal everything from there.

These all are applicable for foreign people also. This place is totally detach from main city area. For this, there you may not see someone who will help you. But there are some tourist police who look after the security of this beach.

However, this is not any dangerous place at all. These are for your awareness only. So, don’t hesitate to come Parki beach if you want to really enjoy your time.

Overview of other sea beaches of Bangladesh

Not only Parki sea beach but also there are also some other very nice sea beaches are here in Bangladesh. Here is a list of all the beautiful sea beaches of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach: Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest among all the sea beach of the world. Cox’s Bazar district is situated at the end of the south part of Bangladesh. There are several sea beach in this district as it has gone inside the Bay of Bengal.

Kuakata Sea Beach: Kuakata sea beach is also a very popular sea beach of Bangladesh. You will see the sun goes inside the water at the time of sunset here. Kuakata sea beach is under Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. It is also a very nice place for tourist attraction.

Potenga Sea Beach: Potenga sea beach is situated in Chittagong district of Bangladesh. It is also a nice sea beach of this country. It is very popular for several block of stones. Many people come to see the beauty of this beach everyday.

Inani Sea Beach: Inani Sea Beach is in Cox’s Bazar district is also a famous sea beach. If you go to Cox’s Bazar, then you should see this beach also.

Teknaf Sea Beach: Technaf sea beach is very beautiful sea beach of Bangladesh. It is situated near the end of district Cox’s Bazar on the bank of Naf river. When you will go to Teknaf sea beach, you will see the nice roadside scene at the two side. One side is hill and jungle where one side is sea.

Halishahar Sea Beach: Halishahar sea beach is situated at Chittagong district. There is a nice park beside this sea beach. You can enjoy both the park and beach by going this beach. You will also see many fisherman are fishing by many small boats here. All these things have made this place so beautiful.

Shahpuri Sea Beach: Shahpuri sea beach is located at the end of Bangladesh. That means it is the most south part of Bangladesh. This beach is situated on the bank of Naf river which separates Bangladesh from Myanmar.

Other Sea Beach: There are also some other sea beach in Bangladesh. All these beaches have made this country really beautiful. Some of them are Chouchala sea beach, Anandabazar sea beach, Kumira sea beach, Akilpur sea beach, Boaliakul sea beach, Banshbaria sea beach, Barabkunda sea beach, Noralia sea beach, Guliakhali sea beach and so on.

You will really enjoy all of these sea beach, if you are a foreigner at this country. Bangladesh is really a nice natural gift for not only sea beach but also other natural resources like Sundarban, Shat Gambuj Mosque, Buddhist Bihar and so many things. So, if you want to see all of these, then welcome to Bangladesh.


The world is really a beautiful place where we lived. But there are still some different place which is something more than beautiful. Almost all the countries have some tourist places. Bangladesh has also some very attractive tourist place. Parki sea beach is only one of them.

I think, I have write enough about Parki sea beach as well other sea beach in this post. So, guys, if you find this helpful, please inspire me on the comment section bellow. Thanks for remaining with world tech journal.

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