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Plagiarism is considered a serious offense in the world of writing. It usually occurs in your write-up when it is similar to one that is already published online or elsewhere.

The reason it’s discouraged by most people is that the content that has plagiarism has no element of uniqueness to it.

This makes it essential for you to ensure that your write-ups don’t have any instances of plagiarism.

We’re going to discuss the easy online solutions for plagiarism checking and removal in this post. Let us start by telling you a bit more about plagiarism in detail.

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s work and passing it on as your own. It is essentially considered stealing the original author’s intellectual property.

According to the University of Oxford, plagiarism is “Presenting work or ideas from another source as your own, with or without consent of the original author, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment“.

It can occur in your write-up even if you haven’t deliberately copied someone’s work. When this happens, it is called accidental plagiarism.

Accidental plagiarism usually occurs because there is so much information and content about everything on the internet.

What you’ve written can be similar to it and you might have to change it a bit to get rid of accidental plagiarism.

This makes it extremely important to check your work for accidental plagiarism. Many people overlook this fact because they don’t realize the consequences of plagiarism. Let us tell you briefly what those are.

Consequences of Plagiarism

The consequences of plagiarism range from mild to severe depending on the amount in a write-up.

For students, plagiarism in their assignments can result in the deduction of marks and bad grades. It can also lead to suspension and even expulsion if the amount of plagiarism is too much.

Usually, expulsion isn’t the first act taken by the institute, but it can happen if plagiarism keeps occurring in a student’s assignments.

Likewise, for bloggers, plagiarism can result in a low ranking of their blog posts. It can also make their blog face penalties from search engines like Google.

This is because search engines prefer unique content and discard content that is plagiarized.

Plagiarism can also have consequences for researchers. If it is present in their research, it can lead to a lawsuit from the original author and also damage their reputation.

Brands are also vulnerable to the consequences of plagiarism if it occurs in their promotions. They can face copyright infringements and even have to appear in court for legal proceedings.

Due to these consequences, it is always recommended to check if your content has plagiarism before it is published on the internet.

With that being said, let us move on to tell you how you can check for plagiarism in your write-up.

How is Plagiarism Checked in a Write-Up?

The only way to check for plagiarism in your write-up is to run it through a plagiarism checker. There are many plagiarism checkers available on the internet.

Many of them can also be downloaded. If you don’t want to do that, of course, you can always use one online.

Plagiarism checkers analyze the given text. Once that is done, they scan the databases of existing content on the internet.

If the given text is similar to one that is present in the database, it will be considered plagiarized. These detectors will highlight the plagiarized text.

Some will also display a percentage of plagiarized and unique text in the given content.

Once this is done, some plagiarism checkers also offer the user to make the content unique. However, we recommend using another tool for it as they can be much more effective.

Another thing that we’d like to mention is that some plagiarism checkers might be more accurate than others.

This is because they are trained on a bigger database than the other ones. The bigger the database, the more accurate the plagiarism checker will be.

To make things easier for you, we’re listing some of the best plagiarism checkers below. You can use them to check your write-ups for plagiarism without worrying whether they’re accurate or not.

Reliable Online Tools for Plagiarism Checking

1. Plagiarism Checker by Editpad

plagiarism checking and removal by edipad

The Plagiarism Checker by Editpad is an online checker for plagiarism. It can provide a detailed analysis of the given text and deeply scan it for plagiarism.

The text can be given to the tool by copying and pasting it in the input box. It also allows users to upload entire documents for plagiarism checking directly from their device storage.

Once the scan is done, the tool will display a percentage of plagiarized and unique content. It will also give the user the source of the original content.

The tool is trained on a huge database of existing content. Meaning that it’s quite accurate and never fails to provide effective results.

Editpad made it free to use for everyone. Users don’t have to spend a single penny before checking their content for plagiarism. They also don’t have to register themselves on the site before doing it.

Besides all this, Editpad offers its plagiarism checker in multiple languages. This can allow users to check for plagiarism in content that is written in languages other than English.

2. Quetext

plagiarism checking and removal by quetex

Quetext is one of the best online plagiarism-checking tools. It offers plagiarism checking for students, teachers, and copywriters.

This doesn’t mean that others can’t make use of it. They actually can, it’s just that they have specified these people on their website.

It can scan the given text and match it with everything available online to look for plagiarism. Quetext also displays the amount of plagiarized text in the given content by highlighting it and showing a percentage.

One thing that it does that the other tool doesn’t is that it offers the user the option to cite the source of the original text.

Users can simply click on “Cite this source” and Quetext will do it. This will remove all the instances of plagiarism from the text without having to change it entirely.

Users can also download the plagiarism report from Quetext. Doing this can help them make changes manually even if they decide to go offline or close the tool itself.

Now that we’ve mentioned the plagiarism-checking tools, we assume you’ll use them to check your content for plagiarism.

If it occurs, the next step is to remove it. The quickest way to do that is to use online tools. You can also do it manually, but it might require a lot of your time and effort.

So, let us tell you how you can remove plagiarism from your write-up with online tools.

How is Plagiarism Removed with Online Tools?

You can use an online plagiarism-removing tool to remove any instances of plagiarism from your content. Tools like these reword the plagiarized content to make it unique.

Besides this, they also alter the sentence arrangement of the content to further improve its uniqueness.

By rewording and altering the sentence arrangement, the similarities between the content available on the internet and yours are eliminated. This removes any instances of plagiarism with it.

The tools usually use appropriate synonyms to replace the original words in the content. As for sentence alteration, they change its structure. For example, changing the active voice to the passive voice and the subject-verb placement.

With this being explained, let us list down the best plagiarism-removing tool. We’ve used this tool multiple times ourselves.

This is why we are confident to say that it’s among the best and can effectively remove plagiarism from your content.

Recommended Online Tool for Plagiarism Removal

Plagiarism Remover

Plagiarism Remover is an online tool that rewords the given content to make it unique and remove plagiarism from it.

Besides this, it also allows users to check for plagiarism again in the reworded content so they can ensure that it is plagiarism-free.

Users can also check for grammar mistakes in the rewritten content with the click of a button.

The generated output can be downloaded or copied simply by clicking the buttons present in the output box.

The best thing about this tool is that it offers multiple modes for plagiarism removal and is free to use. It requires no registration or captchas to be completed. Users simply have to open it, select the mode, and hit “Remove Plagiarism”.

Here are the screenshots of the tool to show you its effectiveness. This is the input we provided.

plagiarism remover, plagiarism checking and removal

This text is completely plagiarized as it was copied from a website we found on the internet. To remove plagiarism from it, this is what Plagiarism Remover came up with.

plagiarism remover

As you can see, the tool completely changed the wording of the input text in its output. It is now totally unique and has no major similarities to the plagiarized one.

This brings us to the end of our post. Now you know what plagiarism is, what its consequences are, and how you can check and remove it from your content by using online tools.

Final Words

Plagiarism can be a thorn in the throat of your writing. It can have serious consequences. This is why it is important to always check your write-ups for plagiarism and remove it if it is found.

In this article, we have discussed the easy online solutions for plagiarism checking and removal.

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