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Before dive into our topics of online income strategies, lets understand some true facts.

How many internet business articles are there? Thousands? Millions? Enough? Probably. However, there is an issue. Too many of them are just sales pitches to get you to join up for some training course, webinar, conference, or other opportunity to make money online.

They seriously damage the reputation of online money-making. You may, however, earn money online. All those billionaire pitches are being sold by people who are earning money, right?

Online employment is a genuine option. The issue is that genuine business opportunities don’t include get-rich-quick scams.

Before you get a return on your time, the majority of them need a lot of effort and sometimes a lot of attention. But if you’re serious about earning money online, working from home, or launching a company, you can accomplish it. If you don’t want to go all the way to the computer, you can still make money through applications.

I’m going to inform you about a wide range of ethical internet income opportunities. You need to be, well, legitimate because we’re talking about genuine employment. And no, in order to start again, you don’t have to give everything up.

Many of these possibilities are actual occupations that you must work at for a living in order to get paid. They also demand actual labor. The following advice can help you get the job:

Treat it with respect

Yes, you are using an online job application. Even if you may do the duties while wearing just your underpants, it still counts as a “serious job.” They won’t take you seriously as a candidate if you don’t handle it as such.

Everyone wants to work in their pajamas, including you. In fact, it’s possible that the competition online is greater than it is in your neighborhood.

Be an expert

Don’t enter your resume in ALL CAPS or avoid using the caps lock at all costs while submitting it. Know how to utilize it without coming out as unqualified.

Use good language and entire phrases while writing. Naturally, there will be exceptions, but even then, you must maintain a professional demeanor. You are forming their opinion of you.

Offer a portion but not everything

Give them enough examples to grasp the concept without overwhelming them—whether you’re giving writing samples, a photographic portfolio, or links to your work. While we’re at it, offer them a little history on you but avoid telling them your life story.

Double-check yourself

Before you double-wreck yourself, double-check yourself. Make sure everything you provide to a firm is appropriate, including your email, portfolio, and resume.

For the love of God, double-check your phrasing and grammar, and use spell check! When it comes to the business name, this is very significant. Don’t misspell their name, and type it exactly as they would (e.g. Problogger, not Pro Blogger).

What are the best 35 Genuine Online Income Strategies?

The following list of 35 genuine online income strategies is organized by category and includes special advice for each one to ensure success:

Categories of the chapter:

  1. Paying Websites
  2. Independent Writing
  3. Sell Your Things
  4. Blogging
  5. Work-from-Home

Paying Websites

Let’s get things over with right now. There are a variety of websites that can compensate you for doing tasks like shopping, completing surveys, or testing goods.

These websites won’t make you a billionaire, and I’m not being paid to advertise any of them, but they are wonderful for making some additional money. I won’t mention the frauds.

Some trustworthy websites that pay are listed below:

  1. Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a fantastic way to make some additional money. You may use their search engine or do surveys to earn money, among other things. While you won’t get wealthy, you will make a few dollars. Instead of browsing the web when you have free time, use it to make some additional money.
  2. InboxDollars – Since you’ll be participating in surveys, online shopping, etc., InboxDollars is comparable to Swagbucks, so if you want to maximize your earnings, join up with both services. They also have a paid search option (similar to Swagbucks), and they give you $5 simply for joining up. I won’t go on to list survey websites one by one, but you should also check out GlobalTestMarket, E-Poll Surveys, and Survey Club if you want to be paid to do surveys.
  3. Project Payday – One of those websites, Project Payday, features testimonials from users who have made thousands of dollars by being paid to sign up for trial offerings. It is legitimate, and you can make some additional money, but I’m not promising you’ll make millions. They figure that by paying you to participate in a free trial, either you’ll enjoy the product and buy it or you’ll forget to terminate the trial and end up being charged. This is a wonderful site for generating money if you can keep track of your spending and cancel before you are paid (if you decide against the goods).
  4. User Testing – For testing websites, User Testing pays $10 each test. A test typically lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. The idea is for the website owner to observe how a visitor who is unfamiliar with the site attempts to use it. Although $10 isn’t a terrible payout, the value that the site owner receives from seeing an actual customer experience is enormous.
  5. Fiverr – If you require any of the services that are offered, Fiverr is a terrific way to buy or sell items for a little fee. In essence, everything costs $5. Either $5 is paid or $5 is charged. They are known as “gigs.” You have a variety of ways to offer your services. Selling art and being OK with selling pieces for $5 apiece is a gig. Offer a 30-minute job if you’re a graphic designer and wish to charge $10/hour for your skills. They pay you $20, or $10 per hour if they purchase four jobs, for two hours of graphic design.
  6. IZEA – IZEA may be used alone or in conjunction with a blog. You can be paid to tweet, write, snap pictures, and record videos. Since the compensation is mostly reliant on your following, increasing your Twitter following is necessary if you want to earn money from your tweets. Similarly, if you want to monetize your blog, you’ll need a lot of blog visitors (more on blogging below).

Independent Writing

One of the most well-liked methods to make money online is via freelance writing. Many successful freelancers may make between fifty cents and a $1 per word on average. Some people make double that!

Of course, it doesn’t begin that way. You need to develop your portfolio and resume, and on and on it goes. You are aware of this if writing is something you are interested in. I wouldn’t advise going down this path if you’re not interested in writing if it’s only for the money.

It requires commitment and effort, but if it’s what you love, it may be very lucrative. Let’s discuss how to monetize it if that is what you love to do.

You must have a web presence before you choose to start contacting all of these freelance writing firms. You need a blog (in my humble blogger opinion, of course).

See here the top 50 freelancing marketplaces in the world.

Here are 10 websites you can start with whenever you’re ready to really make money, which is what you’ve all been waiting for:

  1. Listverse – Listverse pays $100 for each post that is approved. The article must be a list, have a minimum word count of 1,500, and include at least 10 items. You can be quite inventive with it other from that.
  2. TopTenz – For each approved post, TopTenz pays $50. Again, with very few exceptions, the article must be written in list style and be at least 1,500 words long. Your chances of being approved are pretty good since they often post.
  3. A List Apart – Each approved post at A List Apart is worth $200. They’re not at the top of the list since they publish fewer papers overall, which reduces your chances of being approved. same requirements as before, minimum of 1,500 words.
  4. International Living – For each approved post, International Living pays $75. They are mostly interested in your travel tales from the places you’ve been. Your experience matters more on this platform than your writing prowess.
  5. FundsforWriters – For each approved post, FundsforWriters pays $50. They are searching for content about writing and how to make money from it. They only accept articles that are 500 to 600 words, so you should use every word wisely.
  6. Uxbooth – Uxbooth offers $100 for each post that is approved. Don’t expect to earn rapid money with this; it does take them four to eight weeks to approve and publish content. Because they collaborate with editors to only publish top-notch information, they take so long.
  7. iWriter – iWriter offers up to $15 for each post that is approved. That may sound insignificant, but they enable you to choose precisely what you write and are less rigid than many of the ones mentioned above. You are free to produce as few or as many articles as you choose.
  8. Textbroker – If you’re a 5-star writer, Textbroker will pay you up to five cents per word. You will likely start out as a 3-star writer after submitting a brief sample piece, but you may work your way up by producing additional quality material.
  9. Matador Network – Although Matador Network only pays $20 to $25 on average for each approved article, it does pay up to $60 for each one. Their maximum word limit is 1,500, although they don’t particularly emphasis on a minimal word count.
  10. The Penny Hoarder – Depending on how many page views you get, The Penny Hoarder pays up to $800 (occasionally). Although this is not a guaranteed paid post, the compensation begins at $100 for 50,000 page views, and it has the potential to be quite lucrative.

There is no question that freelancing may help you financially, but it takes time. You may start earning real money after you begin building your portfolio and your writing abilities.

Expect to put in some time before you truly start to see any money if you’re not an experienced writer.

Sell Your Things

The industry for online selling has been expanding since since the concept of online auctions was developed. Many people are curious yet unsure about where to begin.

Selling online may still be done in a variety of ways, whether you’re purchasing and selling like a shop or just selling what you already have. Here are some basic pointers for selling anything online before we get started:

  • Purchase a PayPal account.If you’re doing online business, you should get a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. It is the norm in online commerce for accepting payments and disbursing money to others.
  • Take quality photos.Although some of the alternatives below don’t need you to take the photo and sell the goods, if they do, be sure to shoot a sharp photo that distinguishes your product from the competition. Set up a small “studio-like” location in your house with a background and the right lighting if you want to take a lot of photos to truly make them seem professional. Of course, you’ll also need a nice camera.
  • Be honest. Be honest about every flaw, scratch, imperfection, etc. if you’re selling used stuff. This will cut down on a lot of potential problems and maintain great evaluations.
  • Do well in business.In a nutshell. Your customer service counts whether you’re starting an online business or selling on a tiny website. You’ll want to get those favorable evaluations and establish a solid reputation. Answer all inquiries, grievances, and questions. if you have a guarantee, mention it.

You will succeed in internet sales if you adhere to their recommendations. Here’s where to go when you’re ready to start selling:

  1. Amazon – Are you familiar with FBA? It means “Fulfilled by Amazon” and is becoming more well-known. In essence, you purchase goods (buying in bulk is ideal) and send them to Amazon for storage. When your goods are purchased, Amazon ships them out, packages them, and provides you the money (after taking their cut). Some individuals use FBA as their primary source of income, while others use it as a side hustle.
  2. CraigsList– Some items are difficult to transport. Selling to someone across the nation could make you uneasy about other things. Craigslist is a terrific option whether you’re selling a big item or something you just don’t want to transport. Listing your stuff is easy (again, take decent images!). The interested party may send you a message to your inbox without even knowing your email address if you don’t like the concept of giving up your phone number.
  3. eBay – Of course, no post on generating money online would be complete without mentioning eBay. You have two options: either launch a real eBay shop or just sell a few items to clear out your house. In any case, selling on eBay has still been a common method for me to make a living. If you want to open a physical eBay shop, you should look for a drop-ship company like Doba that can store and deliver your customers’ orders for you so you won’t have to worry about managing an inventory.
  4. Etsy – You may sell your handmade goods on Etsy if you like doing so.Opening an Etsy shop is entirely free. You only register, upload images of your products, and begin selling. You may choose your preferred method of payment, although PayPal is often the simplest. Selling on Etsy is simple, as is managing your inventory. They take 3.5 percent of each sale you make in addition to a minor listing charge.
  5. Facebook – Facebook swap shops are excellent for local buying and selling, according to 21. It’s a bit simpler than CraigsList. You just look for exchange businesses nearby and make a request to join the club. As soon as you arrive, snap a photo of the item, write a brief description that includes the price, and post it. There are few things simpler than that. Generally speaking, you may receive a little bit more than you would at a yard sale.


Oh wait, here it is—an article on generating money online that doesn’t involve blogging.

It feels odd not to mention that I blog, first of all, but more importantly, it’s a legal method to earn money. Although it may be the least straightforward option on our list, it is extremely possible and may even be the most enjoyable.

I adore blogging, and I know a ton of other bloggers who share my enthusiasm. So let’s discuss how to make money blogging and what it really entails.

Blogging is a task that calls for endurance, discipline, and patience. Before you truly start to see any money from it, it can take you writing every day for more than a year.

Although there are exceptions to the trend, it appears to be quite typical to spend one or even two years developing your blog, your brand, and your authority before generating any significant amount of money, at least based on my interactions with other bloggers.

While there are rare situations where you may generate money without a lot of internet traffic, in general, it needs a lot of website traffic to start making money from a blog, and that process might take some time.

Once you’ve done that, the following are the main methods to monetize your blog and begin making money:

  1. Advertising – This is unquestionably the most traditional technique to monetize a blog. It’s also beginning to overtake other methods as the least popular. You may join up with a business like Google AdSense or to sell advertising space directly on your website. In any case, you won’t start making much money from advertisements until you regularly reach the tens of thousands of views.
  2. Affiliates – You may advertise other people’s goods and services by joining one of the numerous affiliate networks, such FlexOffers and CJ Affiliate. You only include a link or banner on your website, and if a user clicks through and purchases the item or service, you get paid a commission. Choose items that are especially related to the category of your blog. When you have visitors to your blog, this is a good method to make money.
  3. Membership – Membership is a popular feature that many people have added to their blogs. Usually, this refers to restricted information that is only accessible in the “member’s area.” This may be a terrific idea if you have a truly amazing concept for what to add. You’ll need to design something that is difficult to obtain online.
  4. Products – You may develop your own goods, including computer software or e-books. After that, you would utilize your blog as a marketing tool to encourage others to purchase your goods. You should be able to find some purchasers as long as you provide a genuine product with a lot of value, but as with anything else with a blog, you’ll need visitors to generate sales.
  5. Services – You may provide a compensated service like financial planning, blog coaching, goal-setting, or life counseling. Just be sure to research all the legal ramifications and avoid identifying yourself as a professional if you are not. You are essentially selling yourself via your blog when you use a service like this. You’ll need to persuade them that your service is worthwhile, and after they hire you, you’ll need to be able to support your claims.
  6. Sponsored/Paid Post -Paid and sponsored content are often published on blogs. Sponsored posts are essentially simply articles that discuss a certain company, item, or service. You’ll get payment from a business to write an article about it. The same is true of other compensated postings. Essentially, what you’re doing is marketing the article’s space on your website. If you want to go this way, you should first increase your traffic before receiving numerous offers.
  7. Subscription – If you can regularly provide a useful service (newsletter, online magazine, etc.) on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc.), you could choose to provide a subscription service. This may be a monthly fee or a payment made each time your goods is sent. In any case, your consumers must only be able to access this by signing up for your website.
  8. Videos – This topic might be covered in its own section. Making YouTube videos has been a lucrative endeavor for many individuals. Evan of EvanTube is a young man who has amassed millions of dollars by reviewing goods that other young people his age would purchase. It’s challenging to get millions of views, but once you do, you’ll start earning money. By launching a video blog, many bloggers have entirely shifted to using videos to communicate their ideas.

ProBlogger, Copyblogger, and Boost Blog Traffic archives are good places to start if you’re serious about blogging. Then visit Quick Sprout and read all the free instructions there.

You may need a year to do those activities on your own, but it will be worthwhile. You’ll be blogging like you have an MBA.


Finally, some businesses may let you work from the convenience of your home. Here are a few businesses that will allow you to work for someone else while still setting your own schedule and choosing where to work from:

  1. CrowdSource – CrowdSource provides a variety of occupations, from smaller “microtask” projects to more substantial writing and editing jobs. You determine how much work you perform, and the most of it can be completed at a computer.
  2. Demand Studios – From writers to filmmakers, Demand Studios is now seeking all types of creative workers. Although not exceptional, the salary is competitive for a work-from-home position.
  3. Fast Chart – As a medical transcriptionist, you may work from home using Fast Chart. If you match the requirements and credentials specified on the page, you’ll get competitive compensation for the field. Since you’ll be working from home, you’ll also have the flexibility to determine your own schedule.
  4. Leap Force – Leap Force is one method through which Google evaluates webpages for search engine positioning. If you’re employed, you may establish your own hours, get a respectable wage (often above $11/hour), and it can be entertaining to visit and rate websites.
  5. Liveops –A call center that lets you work from home is called Liveops. Once you’re ready to receive calls, you may start planning your week and working from home. Although the compensation is often close to $10 per hour, commissions may increase your earnings.
  6. SpeakWrite -You may earn up to $15 per hour transcribing material using SpeakWrite. Work from home and establish your own hours.

You now have a variety of possibilities on how to start making money online. Try it out and find out more if you find anything that piques your curiosity.

You must be committed to learning how to do what you want to accomplish if you really want to earn a living online. There are many materials available that are free. All you have to do is look for them!

Hope it is now clear to you about some really awesome online income strategies after reading this full guide.

Now lets share your experience and opinion about online income strategies in the comment section bellow.

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