Why Should You Use Ubuntu for Server Management? 5 main reasons

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Why should you use Ubuntu for server management? In this blog post you will come to know almost everything about the topics for which you should use Ubuntu for server management.

System administrators have typically been responsible for server administration. The procedure is very labor-intensive since there are many manual phases and little automation.

The good news is that server administration activities can now be easily automated thanks to the rapid development of automation technologies.

Reasons to Choose Ubuntu for Server Management

Because it offers a user-friendly graphical interface, an integrated set of system administration tools, and dependable performance, Ubuntu is the finest Linux distribution for managing servers. Ubuntu is also regularly updated with the most recent security fixes and features.

Choosing the Correct Ubuntu Version

Popular Linux distribution Ubuntu is renowned for its dependability and simplicity of use. It includes a large variety of versions that are suited to various purposes, making it ideal for server administration.

For instance, Ubuntu’s Server edition is best suited for managing servers and doing duties like installing and managing software, configuring security, and maintaining systems.

Additionally, it comes with tools that make managing your servers simple, such as the Server Administration Kit (SAK) and the Ubuntu Server Monitor tool.

The Lightweight version of Ubuntu is ideal for you if you want a lighter distribution for administering your servers. It has all the capabilities of the Server version but requires less resources and boots up more quickly.

Regardless of the version of Ubuntu you choose, the abundance of tools offered by the distributions will enable you to manage your servers quickly and efficiently.

Ubuntu may be set up using a DVD or USB drive

Ubuntu is the finest option if you’re searching for an operating system that can control and monitor your servers. Ubuntu is an operating system based on Linux that was created primarily for managing servers. Additionally, it is always current and free.

The following five factors make Ubuntu the ideal operating system for managing servers.

1. Utilizing Ubuntu is simple

Although Ubuntu is a desktop-friendly operating system, it also has a ton of features that make it excellent for managing servers. For instance, Ubuntu has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that makes managing your servers simple.

The command line also gives you access to all of the OS’s capabilities. Because of this, controlling your servers and automating processes is simple.

2. Ubuntu runs quickly and effectively

For high-performance servers, Ubuntu is made. As a consequence, it handles duties like Web traffic and file storage quickly and effectively. Ubuntu also includes a number of tools and programs that simplify server management.

3. The support materials for Ubuntu are extensive

Online support options for Ubuntu are abundant and include documentation, forums, and mailing groups. This indicates that Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux server distribution.

It is perfect for server administration since it is portable and simple to set up. We’ll demonstrate how to upgrade the Ubuntu software on your server in this post.

1) Log in as the root user to your server.

2) To install the required packages, use the following command: apt-get install aptitude using scudo

3) To open a terminal window, use the following command: apt-get update using scudo

4) Enter the command shown below to update the Ubuntu software on your server: apt-get update using scudo

4. Revise the server’s BIOS settings

Due to its wide variety of tools and programs that make maintaining your servers simpler, Ubuntu is the finest Linux distribution for servers. Ubuntu uses a single login window for server management using a standard system administration interface (SAI).

The Server Settings tool makes it simple to setup your server, the System Monitor tool offers precise information about the resources utilized by your server, and the Server Administration Tools (SAT) tool aids in managing users and services on your server.

Ubuntu Server is powerful and simple to set up, as you can see. It comes in a variety of variants for various uses, including LAMP server, LAMP cluster, hosting server, etc. The fact that you can always choose your favorite is what matters most.

You should choose 14.04 since it essentially includes everything you need, in my opinion. You may also download the 14.10 version, but until they release the 16.04 version—which will be superior to any OS-LXC-based distribution, including Ubuntu 16.04—I don’t believe it’s worthwhile.

5. User Account Password Change

Due to its simplicity of use and dependability, Ubuntu is a fantastic option for server administration. Ubuntu’s ease of changing user account passwords is one of its advantages. If you need to change the password for a user who has access to confidential data or files, this may be extremely helpful.

In Ubuntu, all you have to do is sign in to the terminal and issue the passed command to change a user’s password. You will be asked for the user’s existing password before using the new one in this manner. This command may also be executed as an administrator using scudo.

All of your systems are now secured against unwanted access thanks to the new password you assigned to your user account.

Adjust Network Adapted settings

Thanks to its extensive network administration capabilities, Ubuntu is the ideal platform for controlling servers. Ubuntu enables network managers to control their networks from a single place, making it simpler to keep track of all the computers and devices connected to their network.

Additionally, Ubuntu comes with a ton of pre-installed programs like Nap, Puppet, and Chef that simplify server administration. Because Ubuntu already has these tools installed and ready to use, administrators don’t have to spend time installing and configuring them themselves.

In general, Ubuntu is the ideal management platform for servers. While its pre-installed software makes server administration simpler than ever, its extensive network management capabilities make it simple to keep track of all the devices and systems on your network.

I hope you already have come to know that why you should use Ubuntu for server management. However, you can share your experience about the topics as well as ask other about the topics “Ubuntu for server management” in the comment section bellow.

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