10 best social media marketing strategies for Hotels

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Hotels need some different social media marketing strategies when it comes to make their place look attractive to stay.

Explore 10 best social media marketing strategies for hotels to expand your customer base.

Now a days, a lot of customers look to social media when they need to pick a place to stay instead of browsing or searching for hotels on internet.

Once there was a time when people click through comparison websites for the purpose.

But now whether customers are searching suggestions from trusted influencers or just seeking for the brand they have seen before at any platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest.

For this, establishing a presence of hotels that want to attract younger customers on social media is really crucial.

It’s a very important part for hotels to be present online which makes it a desirable place to stay.

Here I will discuss 10 best social media marketing strategies especially for hotels.

Here are the best 10 social media marketing strategies to include in your strategy whether you are just starting with social media marketing.

You can also use your own strategies to become successful  at  social media marketing.

Let’s see the top 10 social media marketing strategies for hotels.

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1. Show your face to customers

It will be biggest impactful social media marketing strategy if you put multiple faces to the name of your hotel as social media allows you to show much personal side of your brand.

Featuring content will enhance the engaging of audience with your employees speaking directly to the audience. By this your hotel instantly appears more human.

When potential customers visit, they will get an idea about who they will be interacting with. This can help to make a booking more family.

2. Utilize short form videos

It is true that social media users have not long attention spans. So, the short form video is the most popular content format at that time especially for TikTok or Facebook.

You can do a lot marketing of your brand by short form of videos. This will also work well if you inspire potential customers to visit your hotel or the place.

3. Make partnership with influencers

It’s a fantastic approach for hotels to improve social media marketing strategies. It helps to generate new content.

It also helps to widen your reach potential new customers. Not only that, it can also improve your brand image by association.

Followings are the options to choose from when developing an influencer marketing strategy.

  • You can offer paid tips to travel and encourage influencers to share their experience among their followers.
  • You can offer your hotel as a venue for an influencer’s event.
  • You can develop a partnership with influencer where he will share several pieces of content promoting your brand
  • You can also set up a loyalty program with influencers with offering discount to stay and promote your brand.
  • You can also work with influencer to create an advertising campaign.

Don’t allow your industry to limit you while choosing a travel influencer. Find influencer thinking about your hotel’s targeted audience to work together.

4. Offer exclusively

Sometimes it is important to offer exclusively on any platform with sharing consistent content across all channels.

It boosts engagement of your followers on different platforms and helps to establish brand reputation.

You may offer exclusively on social media like;

  • Running competitions
  • Giving sneak peeks into new facilities or rooms
  • Offering discount for limited time
  • Letting followers get involved in picking features of new services

You are not encouraging engagement but this also creates a greater sense among followers that helps you to strengthen customer loyalty.

So, this should be included with your own social media marketing strategy.

5. Consider seasonality of your business

Seasonality is something you should factor into your social media marketing strategy. All hotels tend to consider then when it comes to sales.

Seasonality also refers to the different annual events or holidays which take place throughout the year.

At that time your brand is more likely to get shared during celebration which has more chance to go viral.

This makes it a great way to boost your post reach among targeted audience.

You should have different goals depending upon whether it is high season or low for your hotel.

You should make sure that the post align with these goals when your share.

6. Be fast with replies

Quickly replaying to comments or mentions is so much important whether you are active on social media.

Most of the social media users expect instant response as things move fast in this digital world.

Replaying instantly will benefit your brand in various ways like;

  • Your audience will feel heard and acknowledged.
  • It will help develop relationship and encourage customer to submit more reviews if you simply offering thanks for review
  • Encouraging and replaying to customers will improve your brand image in the eye of other followers who are simply watching these conversations.
  • You will gain a positive reputation when your hotel becomes known as a business that listens and cares about its customers.

7. Take next action from customer’s comments

Using different social media you will come to know that what your customers think about your brand through their comment.

You should take action accordingly and give feedback to the customers.

You should take action according to what your followers are telling you they want to see if you really want to grow your business and followers.

8. Take ideas from top performing content

You can hone and adapt your social media marketing strategy according to the post which is more successful.

It will help you to take future decision. You can take idea that what your follower wants.

You can take idea that what your follower wants. You should analyze the metrics such as likes, shares, engagements, shares, reactions etc of your posts on a regular basis.

When you have identified the proper topic, format, length, tone etc from your most engaging content, replicate these things across your other content too.

This will increase the interactions and help to promote your brand.

9. Invest on paid advertising

Paid social media marketing ads can get your hotel marketing material to the user that are not engaging with your content but belong to a demographic which is a part of your targeted audience.

It is also a very effective way to grow your followers. But you should have considered starting with a small budget to test as this approach can be expensive.

10. Encourage trip advisor reviews

Trip advisor which is a platform with a huge community of followers can influence your hotel’s image in front of customers.

You should claim your listing on the website and update details to ensure your profile aligns with your brand image. It should looks appealing to the users to browse the site.

If you use the site as a key part of your marketing, then you can get analytics for your hotel based on the trip advisor data.

TripAdvisor allows you to engage and respond to the reviews which customer leave which is another benefit of being active on it.

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Last words

The key to success in social media marketing is using multiple channels to share your content and start conversion.

You should choose these channels carefully based on your targeted audience.

Providing valuable content to your customers will prevent you from wasting time. It will also increase your brand reputation and publication very effectively.

Do you also think these social media marketing strategies will really helpful for your brand?

Share if you have any valuable tips on the comment section below.

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