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How to write an engaging social media post in this competitive world? The todays discussing topics is the best 10 tips to write engaging social media post.

Creating engaging social media post is very important than ever whether you love it or not. In online marketing, social media is an unavoidable part.

At the time, only Facebook has 2.94 billion monthly active users which make it one of the most popular social media.

Besides Facebook, Instagram has also more than 1 billion, Pinterest has 434 million and twitter has 229 million active users.

Brands can bring in new customers with an effective social media strategy.

A statistics show that people spend about 2.5 hours in average on social media in a day.

This means there is ample opportunity to advertise your brand with a multiplatform social media marketing strategy.

However, creating content can be very challenging task right now with an ever-changing algorithms of social media.

Here, I will discuss 10 tips for you to create engaging social media post whether you are local or international brand.

Let’s see the tips bellow to create an engaging social media post. These can be the most effective tips beside your own social media marketing strategy.

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1. Do research before write

It can be very effective strategy to try posting questions to get your followers talking.

You should first figure out what type of content will resonate best with your targeted audience.

Throwing questions can help you increase engagement which gives you essential information about your audience that what kinds of products they like.

Try making various contests or giveaways which require your followers to share the post and have them tag a couple of friends.

Give your followers a behind the scene look about what your company is most passionate about. You can also share an inside peek at product development.

2. Look at your competitors

Take idea from what your competitors are doing. Is their content performing better on different social media? If yes, then try to find about their strategy.

What they are posting or which topics and hash tags they are using.

You should also see their trials and errors to make a better engaging social media post then they do.

3. Stick to your brand voice

Across the website or even social media, addressing the tone for posts can help with the consistency of content.

You can stick to a brand guide which includes tones, color, fonts, styles which a social media manager will use at the time of posting new posts.

Stick to your brand will help the followers better remember your brand over time.

4. Nurture relationship

Remain engaging and positive throughout your posts is important.

You should make sure that each post takes the audiences on a journey to get them excited about your products or services, or learn more about your brand.

Each post will keep your audiences interested in the brand and for this their feed should be a positive reminder.

5. Make short and simple post

Keeping your post short and simple is essential to attract the audience.

Social media is not a place to write a novel while storytelling is critical.

Avoid long time consuming post as they leave your followers and lead them to unfollow your brand.

6. Add compelling call to action

You can place more than one CTA (call to action) strategically in a post while including one CTA is essential.

You can direct the audience to a blog about how to use a specific product while you are writing a product post.

CTA can direct audience to the next step to stick with your brand.

7. Use image and/or videos

The most effective way to increase engagement is to include appealing images, videos, product photos and infographics with your post.

You can easily purchase stock images or graphics in Canva to create numerous posts in a week.

You have not to think about the size of the images while uploading them but it’s also necessary to upload a proper sized image.

8. Publish at the right time

Post timing is also very important on top of content size. You should choose best time and days of a week to post.

Determine when your audience is online to get more response from your audience with a new post.

9. Tailor the post

One more important thing is to keep in mind that people go different platforms for different reasons. Ensure that you are creating posts which fit bet to the platform.

Selecting the right hash tags is also important when it comes to Instagram or Facebook.

Make sure you know the right type of media to use for different platform. This can help you grow your audience and engagement on each platform.

10. Make your own social media strategy

Make your own social media strategy to grow your audience. It’s important to research each platform to make your own and unique strategy.

Your social media strategy should be based on your business goals, availability of people etc.

Why social media marketing is important?

The global population is now more connected than ever before. This has led to a boom in social media marketing.

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Social media marketing is the use of social networking sites and blogs to market products and services to potential customers.

There are many reasons why social media marketing is so important.

  • First, social media is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.
  • Second, social media is a way to build relationships with potential customers.
  • Third, social media can help you to learn about your customers and their needs.
  • Fourth, social media can help you to create a brand identity.
  • Fifth, social media can help you to build customer loyalty.

Final thoughts

Growing audience and reach new customers, social media management is crucial for brands.

It is one of the most important and effective way to make relationship with your customers and make them informed about your brand’s new features.

Obviously you will see results by social media if you stick to these 10 tips to create engaging social media posts.

However, tell me if these tips are really impactful or not.

Share your own strategy in the comment section bellow to create an engaging social media post for helping our readers.

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