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Some of you say the Agile methodology is better while some of you say it’s the waterfall methodology that must be considered.

Well, I am not here to compare the two, rather I would emphasize on one and share all the relevant details and information regarding the same. Today’s point of focus is the Agile Methodology.

The following post focuses on agile methodology and the benefits of using  agile methodology, and why businesses must consider Agile instead of Waterfall right away!

There was a time when waterfall methodology was the only way or approach to deploy all types of IT projects, however, the situation is not the same anymore.

Since the inception of the Agile revolution, not just businesses but even end users seem to have started enjoying the phase of speed and agility.

In fact, gone are the times when IT projects once set in motion couldn’t be changed or adjusted. Well, after the agile revolution came into existence, things changed pretty seamlessly. You must be wondering how?

  • Seamless collaboration has been improved within the organization
  • The quality of software has also been improved
  • This surely leads to improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduces time to market
  • And reduces overall development cost

Now, what is Agile Methodology?

In simple words, if you are in need of a sure-shot way to manage a project by simply breaking it up into a wide range of pieces or phases or stages then this is it!

You don’t have to look anywhere else other than the agile methodology. Now Agile approach focuses on four aspects, which are:

  • Interaction and high-end collaboration between individuals instead of processes
  • Practical results or the best software instead of comprehensive documentation
  • Seamless customer collaboration
  • Responding to change seamlessly

Now earlier what happened was software & web development companies were compelled to use the waterfall methodology.

Of course, it did offer a bunch of vital benefits such as a clear framework, simplified and detailed documentation, a hands-off approach and whatnot!

However, at the same time, it did offer potential drawbacks such as not getting the end users involved and this can surely lead to endless frustration on both sides.

Another issue while working with the waterfall methodology is that it has the tendency to follow a set timeframe, now this can be a good thing as well as a bad thing.

You see here making relevant changes can be a quite questionable thing. In today’s changing times, adaptability is pretty much important and shouldn’t be ignored.

And above all, the waterfall is not time-bound and that’s the reason why maximum waterfall projects tend to remain behind schedule. Now, moving on!

It’s time to focus on the benefits offered by the Agile Methodology and why it turns out to be a cut above than any and every other methodology.

One of the obvious advantages of Agile methodology is the iterative and incremental approach, it helps in keeping up with the ongoing demands of the modern workplace and future endeavors.

Also, Agile works wonders when it comes to high-end flexibility, transparency, great performance and enhancement.

Benefits of Agile Development Methodology

Of course, whether you want to use Agile development methodology or not, things will vary from case to case. However, down below I would like to mention some of the basic yet crucial ones worth considering.

#1 Satisfying End customers

One of the obvious advantages of using agile methodologies is a satisfaction to end customers, no matter what!

An agile team of software developers most probably tend to keep everyone in the loop, so that each person involved knows what’s going on!

And that’s just not it, even stakeholders are willing to get involved in the project development cycle and tend to offer relevant feedback and make sure that the final product developed will be highly suitable and in accordance with their needs and requirements.

All the deliveries and deployments here are tailor-made and can be improved with time passing by. This surely satisfies end users and boosts customer retention.

#2 Priorities can be changed

Another interesting benefit of using the Agile methodology is that the priorities can be changed.

Generally, an agile team of software developers tend to work in small bunches but keeping everyone in the loop and having constant communication makes the deployment of a project more seamless.

Now going backdated and making relevant changes every now and then can be quite a problem and simultaneously cost-effective. Fortunately, that’s not the case here!

Here priorities, functionalities, and features can be changed at any point of time. Everything depends on the surroundings and the current market situation.

#3 Control is in your hands!

The next benefit offered by Agile development methodology is that here you get better control in comparison to other methodologies and approaches.

This is possible because of its amazing benefits such as high-end transparency, feedback integration and quality control.

And since everything is in your control right from the beginning, you can predict risks, monitor results and come up with effective mitigation plans.

And it may quite interest you to know that this is one of the major reasons why Agile methodology never fails.

Final Words

And we are almost done here! So, Agile is pretty much less prone to error, it makes everyone involved, it is open to changes, predicts risks in advance, is highly flexible and never fails, so what’s there not to like about this custom software development methodology?

I hope you did find the following post meaningful, If so, feel free to share among your peers and help us in spreading the word.

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