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Images are considered an essential type of content these days and it is essential to know about some image compression techniques to get the best from it.

Images feature scenes, text, and graphics essential to understand the context of a given block of text.

Images are also used as a quick way to save paper documentation in digital format. The internet is filled with billions of images that websites use to make their content engaging.

Additionally, they provide users with a great way to understand the context of content in the form of long paragraphs. Images are also used to share information through email and other mediums quickly.

The only problem users encounter while dealing with images is their large size.

Whether you want to upload images to a website run by national or international data regulation authorities or social media platforms, you will need to reduce the image size if it is too large to be uploaded.

You can face the same problem while attaching images to an email copy or sending images through messenger.

Moreover, the large size of image files will hurt you the most when you are running a website, and you have to upload them on it.

Images with larger sizes will affect your website’s loading speed, which will compromise the user experience (UX) it offers visitors. Above all, saving images on a device running low on storage space can be a pain.

There is a simple solution to the issue of large-sized images. You simply need to reduce their file size. You can make use of various image compression techniques for this purpose.

We have discussed a few in detail here to help those who don’t know much about these techniques.

Read on to learn more.

Use Folder Compression Tool

This method can help you deal with the issue of saving space on devices already running low on storage space.

Additionally, it can help you attach large-sized images to an email copy and send them quickly to your colleagues and peers without facing any problems.

The process is simple; you have to use a folder compression tool for this purpose. First, select all the pictures you want to save or send in compressed form.

After doing it, you can either add those files to a ‘.rar’ folder or compress and email them to a person.

However, if you want to view those images on your device, you need to have that particular tool to view them.

Moreover, the person receiving the email copy should be able to decompress the folder with the help of the same tool.

Using this technique while sending an email copy to a smartphone user may create a problem because such a tool is unavailable for mobile devices.

Using Online Image Compressor

Another effective image compression technique is to reduce photo size is using an online compressor.

This technique is probably the easiest way to deal with such an issue.

Whether you are trying to send photos through email, upload them to social media, save them on a device with low storage space, or publish them on a website, it will be a perfect fit for you.

All you have to do is find a reliable photo compressor that allows you to compress image online without compromising the quality.

The best thing about this technique is you don’t have to pay a single dime to use the image compressor.

Such a tool will allow you to compress multiple images online in one go. All you have to do is use the batch image compression feature offered by it.

Above all, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of such a tool with any device because it is a web-based tool.

Therefore, you can access such a tool from your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops on various operating systems (OS). Moreover, it won’t limit images you can compress in a day.

Hence, no matter how many images you want to compress using, an online photo compressor will do it for you.

Moreover, it will support multiple formats of image files for your ease.

Image Editing Software is Another Way

Image editing software often used to retouch, modify, or improve images can offer you a solution.

For example, if you have specialized image editing software installed on your desktop device, you can use its help to compress images.

However, such a software program comes with a hefty price tag that is not affordable.

So if you don’t need this kind of software program for any other purpose, then relying on other techniques for image compression Is better for you.

This image compression technique is only practical if you are using the said software program for retouching, modifying, or improving images you have to use online.

Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money for literally nothing.

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