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No matter if you are a business owner or employee, you need to increase Instagram followers for both of your brand and personal promotion.

Using images and videos, companies can connect with and interact with their target consumers through Instagram marketing.

Instagram has developed into a fantastic tool for businesses looking to showcase their corporate cultures to consumers and promote goods and services in novel and engaging ways.

This often draws in new clients and prospective employees while fostering brand loyalty and creating a distinct brand identity.

You can measure impressions and interactions on your stories and posts using Instagram’s free insights into user analytics for business accounts.

You also can look at demographic data like gender, age, geography, and active hours.

With Instagram, you can creatively use important marketing methods such as influencer marketing, ads, freebies, and more that represent your company.

Instagram marketing is fantastic for companies looking to generate more leads, boost sales, foster brand loyalty, and establish themselves as an industry thought leaders.

Before going to the main topics on how to increase Instagram followers lets see in details about how to create a business Instagram account.

How to open a business Instagram account?

One of the simplest steps in learning how to sell on Instagram is likely to be setting up a company account.

Here’s how to create a business account so you can tell people more about your goods and services.

Install the Instagram app

Download the Instagram app from the app store on your smartphone if you don’t already have one. Tap the app to launch it when it has been downloaded to your smartphone.

Make a username and account

To register for an account and enter your company email address, click “sign up.” You may choose to join up using a Facebook account if you already have a personal or company Facebook account that you want to link to.

You must come up with a username on Instagram that is connected to the name of your company, your locality, or your brand.

The official company name is often used by businesses as their username (for example, @worldtechjournal, @hubspot, @airbnb).

You may make separate accounts for each of your company’s locations, collections, or sub-brands and use the name of your business to generate distinct Instagram handles for each.

For instance, the well-known apparel company Zara has accounts @zara, @zarakids, and @zaraman in addition to its main account @zara.

Convert to an enterprise account

After setting up your account, you must head to settings to convert it to a business account on Instagram. After entering preferences, scroll down until you see the option to switch to a professional account.

Following that, you have been given the choice of self-selecting as a creator (for celebrities, artists, producers, etc.) or a company (for brands, retailers, etc.).

After selecting your professional account type, go to the next step by following the instructions.

Include Your Company’s Contact Details

You may add company details like your email, phone number, address, business category, and shop hours if you convert to a business account.

A creative biography with a tagline or other relevant information may also be included.

You’ll then start publishing excellent material for your fans. Don’t worry if you don’t have many followers at first. This requires time. Additionally, we may provide you with helpful advice.

However, you are now all set. Now the first target is to increase Instagram followers to promote your brand. Let’s see the 10 effective strategies about how you can increase Instagram followers.

10 strategies to increase Instagram followers

Although Instagram is widely used, few marketers are as acquainted with it as they are with Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

As you develop a successful Instagram marketing plan, this may provide a little culture shock.

Of course, having followers who are engaged, paying attention, and genuine are essential to success.

Here’s how to increase Instagram followers for your business.

1. Promote Instagram on your other social media platform

Since most users use several social media channels, you may always start by telling your existing followers about your new Instagram account.

This is probably the best way to increase Instagram followers if you already have a well known social media reach.

If they like your material, they’ll probably add you, giving you two or more channels through which to communicate with them.

You must connect your Instagram business account to Facebook to publish your Instagram posts on your Facebook page and give your Facebook fans a preview of what to anticipate from your new Instagram feed.

2. Use well-liked hashtags

Like Twitter, Instagram is hashtag-driven, so utilizing the appropriate hashtags at the appropriate moment may greatly increase the number of people who see your posts.

This will lead to increase your Instagram followers.

Of course, you should always confirm the definition of a tag before using it, and make sure you only employ tags that complement your brand identity.

Try using these popular Instagram hashtags to enhance your audience, likes, and followers:

#instaGood (742,795,562)

#fashion (507,358,504)

#phototherapy (487,010,088)

#beautiful (463,668,566)

#happy (427,528,663)

#tbt (413,049,020) (413,049,020)

#pyrotherapy (392,011,012)

#followme (380,504,677)

#follow (371,102,705)

#me (348,193,980) (348,193,980)

#art (343,874,151) (343,874,151)

#Selfie (337,204,715)

The most popular hashtags do sometimes change, so pay attention to the most recent statistics if you want to increase Instagram followers.

3. Keep an eye on hashtags, even if they’re not very well-known

Instagram places an even greater emphasis on comments than other networks. Take the initiative if you want your followers to interact with you.

Even if they don’t generate a lot of daily traffic, keep an eye on hashtags related to your industry and engage with photos that match them to foster relationships.

Make sure the hashtags you choose are geo-targeted to your region if you own a local company.

4. Add some video content to liven things up

The importance of video content on Facebook and Twitter cannot be overstated. On Instagram, you shouldn’t miss it either!

Engagement on Instagram is increasing more quickly for videos than for photographs.

The fact is that people just like original, captivating, short films. Watch how Bluleadz introduced video into our stream to see how it was done.

Don’t forget about Instagram Live in addition to publishing pre-recorded videos at least once every week.

Live video is the ultimate “authenticity” signal: On a website with a high concentration of 20-somethings, grainy smartphone film may be significantly more popular than a clean, professional video.

Additionally, until you finish your live stream on Instagram, it will appear prominently in the feeds of your followers. After then, you may still let people who missed it know about the replay.

5. Improve the Brand Page to increase Instagram followers

There is a lot to accomplish on your Instagram brand page, which serves as the public face of your business.

You have the chance to introduce yourself to the Instagram community and drive some traffic to your website by using your brand page.

A landing page designed just for Instagram visitors may be even more beneficial in this one of the few situations when connecting directly to your site is the best course of action.

You’ll need a branded username, a thorough bio, a profile picture, and image captions to complete your brand page. Important contact choices like “phone,” “email,” and “directions” should also be included.

On your profile, they will appear as clickable buttons.

6. Post Regularly and Remain Committed

This is also another most efficient way to increase Instagram followers.

Aim to post on Instagram at least once per day for brands if you’re incorporating it into your social media plan.

To stay competitive, scale things up to two or three articles each day after you have a process and pipeline for your visual material.

If you’re not in the photography business, Instagram’s sizzling picture requirement will prevent you from making the eight to ten posts a day that you could on a site like Twitter.

Because of this, the timing of your posts is even more important, so learn when it’s ideal to publish on Instagram. Checking out the best times to publish on other social media sites is also beneficial.

No matter how many articles per day you decide to publish, stay up the same pace.

7. Like, Follow, and Comment

There is a little more to this straightforward approach, but it may help you get a lot of followers quickly.

Starting with the followers of your nearest rivals is the surest strategy to increase your follower count quickly. This is often more successful the more localized your firm is.

Follow those followers, like a picture of theirs, and comment on a post to interact with them directly. Until you get an answer, you may even carry out the procedure again on other days.

This has shown to be very successful when done well and personally, according to a preliminary study. You could discover that about one-third of your 100 contacts will follow you back.

That is an astounding response rate for social media. Attack it.

8. Use influencer marketing to the hilt

Influencer marketing is nothing new, but Instagram is where it now resides online.

Instagram influencers are the social media industry’s rock stars. They can deliver active, purchase-ready people right to your door because of how actively their following interacts with them.

Finding influential accounts with a strong following in your field is all you need to do to start using Instagram influencer marketing. Typically, a significant impact requires at least 20,000 users.

Of course, 200,000 or more is common among influencers.

Next, get in touch with the account owner directly to ask about their Sponsored Post prices. Most seasoned influencers will offer a contact email address in their profile.

In general, Sponsored Posts are rather inexpensive. A large number of aspiring young influencers would be open to exchanging a product sample for a sponsored post.

This can be the best course of action if you’re searching for a thorough review that will educate customers about your products.

9. Help local users find you by using geotags

You may add a location tag to your posts and stories in addition to hashtags to increase their discoverability. You might include the location where you shot the video or picture, the city you are in, or both.

You may add to the location-specific Instagram feed and story-like hashtags so that more people will see your work.

Local companies that wish to attract and engage local users might notably benefit from geotags.

Businesses with distinctive artwork like floral walls and neon signage often draw a large number of millennial customers.

You’ll get new followers and clients if you reveal the distinctive features of your company using a geotag.

10. Run a contest

Free things appeal to everyone. Run a giveaway for your goods, services, or other business-related items to get attention from other Instagram users.

On Instagram, several companies offer giveaways that participants may enter by liking many pages, tagging three to five people, and reposting material.

By doing this, you may obtain numerous followers more rapidly and boost your exposure.

However, I think this 10 strategies to increase your Instagram followers will help you to increase your own.

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