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We are in the world of technology. Top 30 latest technologies or trending technologies will be discussed here. The popularities of all this trending technologies may changes day by day. But it is not possible to avoid any of them overnight.

Here we are giving a list of 30 latest technologies. So, lets have a look at these trending technologies of this modern era.

List of latest technologies or trending technologies

The list of top 30 latest technologies or trending technologies is given bellow. Let’s see them bellow.

1. Artificial Intelligence - AI

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most significance trending technology over the last few years. It is now the leading latest technologies. It drills with a machine by which a machine can think like a human

2. Data science & analytics

Data science is the next big technology trends. This is an essential part of big companies, government institutions as well as private sectors as they nee to analyze a large amount of data which may be of their customers or products.

3. 5G technology

The world is now totally dependent on  internet. One of the most trending technologies is 5G now by which we can browse a webpage faster. Although 3G enabled online access for mobile devices and 4G has increased the speed of browsing, 5G can be the near future bandwidth.

4. Internet of Things - IoT

IoT refers to ever growing number of smart devices like mobile phones, computers and others which are connected to the internet. These are increasing at a robust speed and gathering data.

5. Cyber security

Threats of computer are emerging day by day and for this cyber security has become the more considering thing to drill with threats. It does not seem to be cutting edge technology.

Hackers are trying to get access to your data without your permission where cyber security guards against it. It will remain popular technology undoubtedly.

6. Edge Computing

Edge computing is also a latest technology which enables high speed data processing as well as low latency. It will improve application performance which allows a faster computing.

Main target of edge computing is to process fewer data in the cloud and use user’s computer as an edge server for computing. It will increase processing speed as the processing is happening at the client server. IoT and cloud computing will be benefited from this technology.

7. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the next trending technology. It uses the power of quantum phenomena as like as quantum entanglement and superposition has becoming used in especially banking and financial sectors for many purposes.

Quantum computers are very fast computers compared to general computers. It can easily solve very complex problem which can make the future technology very advanced.

8. Blockchain

Although we may think that blockchain is just for crypto currencies, but it is not true at all. It is another latest technology which is being used in healthcare, advertising, logistics etc besides crypto currencies like Bitcoin and others.

It can keep track about owner of any digital asset through a global network of computers. It is very secure as well as transparent.

9. Human Augmentation

Human augmentation improves human ability and productivity. Prosthetics, RAFID tags infused inside humans, AR lenses etc are some of physical augmentations which are all part of human augmentation.

10. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already been the technology buzzword now which is being widely used in video games. These are also being used in training programs.

However, this top technology have some limitations to become familiar like other tech trends.

11. Distributed Cloud

It has took cloud computing to a new heights. It distributes public cloud resources to different geolocations instead of centralized solution. Companies would benefit from this tech trend by increasing latency, reducing the risk of data loss and so on.

12. Datafication

Data is the key to all of these technology trends. Digitization in our world today means we have enormous amounts of data available now. For this, data has now become the number one business asset for almost all organizations.

We are now using data to better understand our customers, research key trends, and get insight into what’s working inside our organizations

13. Big Data Analysis

Data are increase exponentially where we need to analysis them to gather information from there. Big data analysis drills with this kind of huge data automatically. We can now make sense of complex and large amount of data very easily with the help of big data analysis.

14. Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is the process by which a computer can understand human language. They can perform accordingly as they understand the language of human being. It has already dramatically changed the way of interacting with our machines.

15. Computer Vision

We already know that machine can think like human being. So why they can’t be able to look. Computer vision allows machine to visually interpret the worlds around and one practical application of this technology is face recognition.

16. Robotics

Robotics can be a very useful future technology. It helps us to free up human workers and perform risky work very comfortably. This trending technology is being used to automate structured also.

Today’s robots are more intelligent which can response to environment situations. They can perform task without human interaction automatically. There is also a term called ‘cobot’ which means collaborative robot.

17. Machine Learning

There are different types of machine learning namely supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semi supervised learning and reinforcement learning in the current world.

It is a set of algorithms that find and apply patterns to data to work better with them. This is also a most trending technology now.

18. Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are those vehicles which can be used without the presence of human. It is anticipated that the new decade will be the decade where autonomous vehicles like cars, washing machines, trucks and even ships and aircrafts will dominate all over the world.

19. Genomics

Genomics and gene editing helps us to understand human genome. By this we are inventing new variety of crops and animals. We are now able to rearrange the genome of living being.

20. Drones

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles like aircraft which has no pilot onboard are being popular day by day. These have pilot remotely and have already face some important military operations. Not only that, these are extremely used in transportation, search and rescue operation, firefighting, law enforcement etc.

21. Nano Technology

With the advancement of new technology we are dominating over nano particles which are tiny particle. It gives us some exciting new materials and products. We are now using this nano technology in medical science, computer hardware, electrical instruments etc.

22. 3D & 4D Printing

3D and 4D printing and additive manufacturing will be very wide and transformative when combined with technology like mass personalization.

23. Devops

With the help of devops technology the machine learning and data engineering workflow can be automated which can bring about a revolutionary change in the future world.

24. Full Stack Development

Full stack development means the development of both frontend and backend of a website. It has become popular with the invention of Node.js technology although it can be done with various other languages too.

25. Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps are those apps which can analyze historical and present data and suggest relay on them. Machine learning, robotics, AI etc are being used to develop intelligent applications. Some of the very useful applications are Alexa, Siri, Google assistant, ELSA etc.

26. Digital Debit

Traditional banking has already lost its popularity as Google pay, Amazon Pay are growing. Cryptocurrencies are gaining strong credibility nowadays.

27. Personal Profiling

Customers data analysis like what they like, which device they use and what they needs becomes a crude priority of every business as every business has to drill with their customers.

28. DARQ

DARQ means 4 latest trends named Distributed ledger technology like blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Extending reliability and Quantum computing. These 4 are abbreviated as DARQ. Obviously this is a very trending modern technology.

29. Smart Glasses

We already have seen smart glasses technology with Google glass. It’s just a beginning although getting a lot of press and controversy.

30. Wearable Electronics

Besides smart glasses, wearable electronics like smart watches are social devices which connect you to the world. There are also other wearable electronics too. Some of these are ear buds, contact lenses, temporary tattoos, NFCs etc.

Hope you have got a full overview about the top 30 latest technologies or trending technologies in the current world. The position of a trending technology may change according to different perspective.

The position is not fixed as above order. This is only we are trying to give you a list of top 30 latest technologies.

You can tell us your query in the comment section bellow. Thanks for remaining with us.

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