Artificial intelligence | types, categories, applications, examples and main 3 goals of AI technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) which is called as the wide ranging branch of computer science is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. By artificial intelligence the computer can perform tasks which normally requires human intelligence.

Ai can be the future technology which will reduce our task as it can take decision as like as human brain.

With the advancement of computer technology we are now thinking about taking some really correct decision depending upon the situation. Normally it takes time for human brain to take a right decision.

But if we can create a computer based robot to perform that tasks, then how nice it will be?

That is the reason we are now thinking about this AI technology. The main characteristics of Ai are the ability to rationalize and take actions which have the best chance of achieving a specific goal.

A computer program can automatically take new data without the help of human. This is called machine learning which is a subset of this artificial intelligence.

A computer can absorb huge amounts of unstructured data which can be images, texts, videos, audios or others through deep learning technologies.

In this articles you will learn almost all about this trending technology. After the end of this blog, hope that your all query will go related to artificial intelligence.

Now lets talk about the types of Ai.

Main 4 types of artificial intelligence

The main 4 types of artificial intelligence is as follows;

  • Reactive machine AI
  • Limited memory AI
  • Theory of mind AI
  • Self awareness AI

Reactive machine AI

Reactive machine AI is basic types of AI which is capable of using intelligence to perceive and react to the world. This can’t store a memory for which reactive machine can’t take decision using past experience.

Deep blue can be called as a very good example of reactive machine. This was designed by IBM in 1990’s as a chess playing supercomputer. This device defeated the international grandmaster Gray Kasparov in a game which was a greatest achievement of this reactive machine artificial intelligence.

Google’s AlphaGo is also a good example of reactive machine AI. It relies on its own neural network to evaluate development of a present game which is incapable of evaluating future moves. It also defeated Lee Sedol in 2016.

Limited memory AI

Limited memory AI used memory to store previous data, experience and predictions. It looks into the past to take future decision when gathering information. It is more complex and also has more possibility than reactive machine.

When a team continuously trains a model about the method of analyzing and utilizing data, then there is a need of limited memory artificial intelligence.

The main 3 machine learning models which utilize limited memory AI are reinforcement learning, long & short term memory and E-GAN. In reinforcement learning it makes better predictions using repeated trial and error.

In LSTM (Long & Short Term Memory) it uses past data to take future decision. And in case of E-GAN (Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks) it explores slightly modified paths based on previous experience with new data.

Theory of mind AI

This is totally theoretical and we have not achieved it still now. This can be the next level artificial intelligence. Other living things without human also have thoughts, emotions and thinking.

How human, animals and machines feel and make decision that will be comprehend by artificial intelligence. A machine will be able to grasp the process and concept of mind which can create a relationship between human and AI.

Self awareness AI

Self awareness will be the final step of AI after the establishment of theory of mind.

A machine will be self aware which means it will understand the own existence in the world. It will also know the emotions and thinking of others. It will communicate with others according to its need.

Categories of artificial intelligence

There are mainly 2 categories of AI i. e.

  • Weak artificial intelligence
  • Strong artificial intelligence

Strong artificial intelligence

Strong AI can carry out the task as like as a human being. They can handle situations and for this these are more complex system. They are programmed to take future decision and work accordingly. Example of strong AI is self driving car, hospital operating rooms etc.

Weak artificial intelligence

Weak AI is the system which can carry out a particular task. If you ask a question to the assistant, it will answer you. Example of weak AI is video games such as chess and some personal assistant like as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa etc.

Applications of artificial intelligence

There are a number of applications of artificial intelligence technology in the current world. Applications of AI is on the way of increasing as it is a trending technology.

Among of the number of applications, lets see some important applications of AI bellow.

Application of AI in E-commerce

  • personalized shopping
  • AI powered assistant
  • Fraud prevention

Application of AI in Robotics

  • Robot manufacturing
  • Robot handling
  • Inventory management by robot

Application of AI in education

  • Creating smart content
  • Voice assistant
  • Personalized learning
  • In administrative tasks

Application of AI in lifestyle

  • Spam filters
  • Automated vehicles
  • Face recognition
  • Recommendation system
  • Searching

Application of AI in navigation

Application of AI in other field

  • Application in human resource
  • Application in healthcare
  • Application in agriculture
  • Application in gaming

Top 15 Examples of artificial intelligence

There are many examples of artificial intelligence in this world right now. 15 examples of them is given bellow.

  1. Image recognition
  2. Google search
  3. Self driving car
  4. IBM watson
  5. Google map
  6. Face detection
  7. E-payments
  8. Social media
  9. Search algorithms
  10. Recommendation algorithms
  11. Virtual travel booking agent
  12. robot manufacturing
  13. Automated financial investing

Goals of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is trying to reach one of the following 3 goals;

  • Strong AI
  • Applied AI
  • Cognitive simulation

Strong AI

The main aim of Strong AI is to build machines that can think like a human being as well as has the intellectual ability to take decisions like human.

Applied AI

Aim of applied AI is to produce commercially viable smart system. Applied AI is also known as advanced information processing artificial intelligence. For example it can work as an expert medical diagnosis system or stock trading system.

Cognitive simulation

In case of cognitive simulation machines are used to test different theories about how the human emotions and mind works. For example how people recall memories, how people recognize face of different animals etc.

Hope you have got a better idea about this trending technology. Please tell us about your experience to visit us in the comment section bellow. Thanks for remaining with us.

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