How a computer takes decision? Decision taking overview of computer

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How a computer takes decision or how computer works?

Most probably you may have a personal computer. It’s a common question that how a computers take decision? What is logic gate and Boolean logic?

Ok, in this post we will explain about all such query about how a computer takes decision. Computers are the biggest wonder of modern science nowadays. You may have experience to work with different kinds of computer. Even you can think your mobile handset as a small computer also.

Types of computers

Computers are may be of two types in broad sense. They are as follows;

How computer works or takes decision?

However the big computers like supercomputers or other organizational computers as well as your mobile device both are working in the same way although the time and effectiveness facts for small and big one.

A computer works with many logic gates by which it can take the decision as well as perform specific tasks. These are also called Boolean logic. Boolean logic works with binary numbers.

You can head over our number system guide to know about binary number system as well as other number system.

Although the working process of a computer is very complex, but we can realize it by some sorts of techniques. In this blog, you will learn details about that.

Logic gates to take decisions

A computer has so many logic gates or broadly we can say them as IC’s (Integrated Circuits) which performs different task. They gives two types of output either 1 or 0. Using these logic gates a computer takes decision and perform all its functions.

To do a specific task, logic gates need to take inputs. A logic gates can take different numbers of input according to our needs. But only the things we have to bear in mind that all the input and output will be in binary number. They also can give one output depending upon the inputs. The output of each logic gate is different from another.

Types of logic gate

In computer science, 1 is called as high or true where 0 is called low or false. There are different types of logic gates like AND gate, OR gate, NOT gate, Buffer gate, NAND gate, NOR gate, XOR gate, XNOR gate etc. Every computer depends upon these logic gates and takes decision.

We have so many ICs which implements these logic gates. With a huge amount of ICs a computer have to take decisions.

What happen inside the computer?

Now, let’s think that you are doing something with your computer. What actually happens inside that device?

The computer is only doing some calculations. Everything inside a computer is done by some calculations of 0 and 1.

As electricity is necessary to run a computer, so we can say that a computer can’t work without electricity. Now, if a current caring line has voltage of between 0 to 0.8 then it is called as low. And it gives the output 0.

One the other hand if a current caring line contains voltage from 2 to 5, it is called high and it represents 1. The voltage between 0.8 to 2 is undefined.

Additional things to consider

Not only logic gates, inside a computer there a lot of transistors which can use as a switches or amplifiers according to our needs. These are really helpful because a computer do everything with controlling the voltages of different paths. So, transistors are also very necessary devices when computer takes decision according to our need.

Actually the decision making of a modern computer is so much complicated using so many logic gates, logic etc. We can’t explain that using this short guide.

It is not necessary to become a student of computer science to learn about that. If you have the query to learn more, then you can do that using the tech giant google.

So, this was the short description about how a computer takes decisions. Let’s tell us about your experience in comment section.

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