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Computer has become an important part of our daily life. Personal computer are the most common among them. We can not think a day without using computers. The future technology is mostly dependent on computer.

Personal computers, which can be called as the mostly used computer now a days. Perhaps, you may have used several personal computers in your life. In this article, I will tell you about different types of personal computers according to their use.

Two main categories of computers are personal computer and organizational computer. Computers have also several types according to personal use or organizational use. Most computers are usually used by only one person at a time which is called personal computer or PC.

These types of computers are often shared by several people but only one user can work with it at any given instant. We will describe here about only personal computer. To know about organizational computer click here.

Six main types of personal computer

Generally we use different types of computer for different purpose. We can divided them according to single used and organizationally used. Here are the six main types of personal computers we used today.

These are all example of personal computers which refers to any computer system that is designed for used by a single user only. But you have to consider that these can also be shared which I have mentioned earlier.

PCs are also called microcomputers because they are the smallest computer created for people to use. For this, the term personal computer or PC is most often used to describe desktop computer.

Although this types of computers are used by individuals, they can also be connected together to create networks for working together with different personal computers.

In fact, networking has become one of the most important jobs of personal computers. But nowadays, any handheld computers can also be connected to the networks.

Desktop Computer

The most common type of personal computer is the desktop computer. It is a PC that is designed to sit on a desk or a table. These are the system you see around you in schools, colleges, universities, homes and offices.

Today’s desktop computers are more powerful than that of a few years ago. Personal computers are used for various types of tasks.

It is being used by everyone from preschoolers to nuclear physicists as well as desktop computers are indispensable for learning, working as well as playing.


A workstation is a specialized personal computer. It is single user which has more power and features than a standard PC. These machines are popular among scientists, engineers, and animators who need a greater speed power to perform sophisticated tasks.

Workstations often has large, high resolution monitors and accelerated graphics handling capabilities which makes them suitable for advanced architectural or engineering design, modeling, animation video editing etc.

Notebook computer or Laptop

Notebook computers are another types of personal computer which is getting more popularity day by day. It is very small in size and can easily fit inside a brief case.

They are also called laptop computers because people frequently set these devices on their lap. Notebook computer can be operated by both alternating current and direct current by battery.

It’s weight is less than 8 pounds. During use, the computer’s lid is raised to reveal a thin monitor and a keyboard. When not in use, the device folds up for easy storage.

It is a fully functional microcomputer or personal computer. People who need the power of a full size desktop computer wherever they go outside, use notebook.

Some notebook computers are designed to be plugged into a docking station, which includes a large monitor, a full size keyboard and mouse or other devices.

Docking stations also provide additional ports that enable the note book computer to be connected to different devices or a network in the same manner as a desktop personal computer.

Tablet computer

Tablet computer is the newest development in portable, full- featured personal computer. Tablet PCs offer all the functionality of a notebook computer.

They are lighter and can accept input from a special pen called a stylus or a digital pen. Stylus is used to tap or write directly on the screen. 

Some tablet PCs also have a built-in microphones and special software that accepts input from the user’s voice. Some have a fold-out keyboard, so they can be transformed into a standard notebook computer.

Tablet PCs run specialized versions of standard programs and can be connected to a network as a personal computer. Some models also can be connected to a keyboard and a full-size monitor.

Handheld computer

Handheld computers are another types of personal computer which are small enough to fit in your hand. The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is the popular types of handheld computers.

PDA is used for special applications such as taking notes, displaying telephone numbers and addresses, and keeping track of dates or agendas. Many PDAs can be connected to larger computers to exchange data.

Many PDAs let the user access the internet through a wireless connection as a personal computer. Several models offer features such as cellular telephones, cameras, music players, and GPS.


Smartphones which are the most uses personal computers now a days. There are hardly a person who has not a smartphone. These are very small and can easily portable to your pocket.

Smartphone is the smallest types of PC now a days. Almost everyone have a smartphone today by which a man can connect to the internet.

One can get the features like web and email access, special software such as personal organizers, or special hardware such as digital cameras or music players. It has made our life easy because we can easily take it with us and use whenever need.

However, in this post I have tried my best to tell you everything about PCs and types of them. Hope, you have got a very clear idea about the topics after reading this post.

Please tell us your opinion bellow the comment box about any the topics. We are very font of hear hear from you.

Thanks for remaining with world tech journal.

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