10 best marketing tools to grow your business

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To develop and promote your goods and services, you might use some marketing tools. There are several options available.

To boost sales, the majority of businesses use a wide range of marketing strategies.

In order to boost sales, you can decide to combine direct mail, advertising, and social media management. You may also concentrate on certain aspects by employing various marketing tools.

As a result, certain tools are excellent for growing sales while others are excellent for learning about customers.

In essence, it’s critical to think about which ones are ideal for your company to employ. What are the major goals of your company?

10 best marketing tools to grow your business

Consumer behavior has undergone a significant change as a result of digital innovation.

Additionally, with more and more of the B2B buyer’s journey occurring online, marketing has grown significantly dependent on some latest technologies.

However, there are now so many options for marketing tools that it may be difficult to decide which ones your company needs.

The skill of alerting people that you and/or your services are offered and for sale is basically what marketing your business is all about.

There will be more possibilities to sell to customers the more people are aware of your business and offerings. A marketing strategy for the next year may already be in place.

What, therefore, are the most effective marketing tools? The top 10 marketing tools will be discussed in this post.

1. Google Analytics

One of the best marketing tools for your business is Google Analytics.

You have a website that you use to spread your marketing message, connect with prospects, and/or transact business.

google analytics marketing tools

But how can you tell whether the adjustments you make are having an impact or where they’re coming from?

By tracking where visitors are coming from, what they’re doing on your website (such as the pages they visit or the amount of time they spend there).

And ultimately, what messages are the most effective at persuading visitors to take a particular action, Google Analytics helps you learn more about your customers.

2. SEMrush

SEO should be a key priority if you want to use digital marketing to expand your company.

How often do you look beyond the first page of results when doing a Google search? Probably not too often.

semrush marketing tools

You’re not alone however, since the top position produces around 33% of clicks, followed by 15% for the second place, 9% for the third, and a rapid decline after that.

By assisting you with keyword research, SEO audits of your website, finding backlink possibilities, and monitoring the keyword strategies used by your rivals.

SEMrush enables you to develop a successful SEO marketing strategy.

3. PitchBox

Search engines take into account several factors when it comes to SEO, including the number and authority of other websites that are referring to your material.

pinchbox marketing tools

Let’s term these websites “influencers” as they have an impact on your ranking.

PitchBox’s search and filter features make it simple for you to locate famous bloggers or publications in your field, and its customized automated email sequences make it simple for you to contact them.

Your SEO rating will improve if the influencers agree to include your material on their websites.

4. Answer the Public

It’s crucial to provide high-quality content centered on popular search terms if you want to rank well on search engines.

But how do you know what the public is interested in, and how do you come up with new ideas for themes week after week?

Based on the term you’re targeting, actual search queries, and popular subjects linked to your keyword, Answer the Public creates a tree of prospective blog topics.

5. Hootsuite

The clients you’re seeking to contact are undoubtedly there as well since 67% of the UK’s population is now active on social media.

A wonderful approach to attracting new clients and strengthening relationships with current ones is via social media marketing.

By allowing you to manage all of your social media accounts in one location, Hootsuite may assist you in doing this.

An editorial calendar is simple to create, and it allows you to plan and approve content, monitor social media engagement and ROI.

Not only that, but also keep tabs on what people are saying about your business an editorial calendar is simple to create.

It also allows you to plan and approve content, monitor social media engagement, and ROI, as well as keep tabs on what people are saying about your business in online.

6. Marketing Automation and Act! CRM

Once your website is consistently receiving visitors, it’s time to collect their contact information, establish a connection with them (a process we call nurturing), and subtly encourage them to make a purchase.

Despite the availability of many sophisticated tools, such as AI-enabled chatbots, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools for business growth due to its high ROI.

For every $1 you spend on email, Campaign Monitor estimates that you will earn $44 back.

Act! is a thorough sales and marketing platform that integrates CRM and marketing, giving you and your team everything you need to successfully manage and expand your business.

For one-time or single-path communications, Act! enables you to put up simple ad-hoc email blasts or drip marketing programs.

7. Hello bar

How do you persuade visitors to take action once they are present?

To convey your offer in a timely and interesting manner, Hello Bar makes it simple to build and add Calls to Action (CTA) buttons to your website through pop-ups, sliders, and even exit intent pop-ups.

Best of all, most people may use it for free (visit their home page and input your URL to get started).

By providing promotional coupons, requesting that they like your social media page, or gathering email addresses for your subscription.

Marketing Teams may utilize Hello Bar to boost the conversion rate of their landing pages.

8. Canva: Graphic Design Tool

Many marketers certainly focus on writing content first and foremost when they consider developing new content. But it’s crucial to include visuals with that material, particularly for stuff like blog entries.

Images may enhance the visibility of your material in search engines like Google in addition to making it simpler to read. Additionally, photos increase the likelihood of content being shared online.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to produce attractive infographics, logos, presentations, and much more utilizing a platform for visual design like Canva.

At World Tech Journal, we often use Canva to produce pictures for blog articles, and premium content, such as white papers, as well as for social media, presentations, and the website. The list goes on and on.

9. Survey Monkey

Understanding your clients is necessary to develop marketing strategies for business growth.

To better construct marketing messages in the future, collecting feedback enables you to enhance your product and learn about your clients’ needs.

Two excellent tools for creating attractive forms and surveys (that respondents want to fill) and analyzing the data are Survey Monkey and Typeform.

You may even automatically create charts and graphs that are suitable for presentations.

10. Hotjar

We’ve previously covered how crucial it is to comprehend your audience.

Hotjar expands on this idea by employing heat maps to track user activity, pop-up polls to get user feedback, and even live recordings of user sessions to better understand how users interact with the site.

It’s not simply a tool for big businesses; companies like Nintendo and Microsoft utilize it to help them enhance their products, marketing strategies, and user experiences.

For the majority of small businesses, their free tier is sufficient.

Final thoughts

To grow in business, you need a solid digital marketing strategy that incorporates SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and landing page optimization.

team work of digital marketing supports ecommerce business

As you carry out your business growth strategy, the marketing tools mentioned above will ideally make your job simpler.

To thrive in business, you need a solid digital marketing strategy that incorporates SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and landing page optimization.

As you carry out your business growth strategy, the marketing tools mentioned above will ideally make your job simpler.

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