How to start a podcast in 2022 and make money podcasting

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In this detail guide I will talk about how you can start a podcast and make money podcasting with it. This guide is very special for you if you want to start a podcast to earn a handsome money.

It’s no secret that podcasts have become more and more common, and this trend could be a fantastic method to interact your audience in a very way that textual material just cannot.

Here is today’s tutorial on how to start a podcast and make money podcasting (on the side).

I’m incredibly excited to share my expertise with you on a way to launch a podcast that’s designed to expand your audience and produce in money since i’ve got a podcast of my very own.

Table of Contents

Simple Steps to start a podcast

Here is some of the very important steps to start a podcast.

  • Create a thought for Your Podcast
  • Your Podcast’s Name
  • Purchase the Essential Tools you wish to Launch a Podcast
  • Selecting Editing and Recording Programs
  • Using trademarks and copyright for your podcast
  • Put Your Podcast in a very Format
  • Make a podcast episode first
  • Your Podcast Editing
  • Organize your podcasting schedule.
  • Select a Podcast Hosting Service
  • Create a podcast’s cover art and an outline.
  • How to Promote Your Podcast to Listeners

Now let’s go into the deep of each steps before start a podcast.

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Create a thought for Your Podcast

Choosing a blog theme and developing an inspiration for your podcast are fairly comparable tasks to start a podcast. Consider the following:

  • What does one feel most strongly about?
  • What additional subjects or interests pique your interest?
  • Could you still discuss it for weeks, months, or maybe years?

Pick a distinct segment

You may have a podcast without a transparent audience, but building an audience when people do not know what to anticipate is considerably tougher. A podcast with no apparent topic is additionally difficult to push and distribute.

Choosing a distinct segment doesn’t need you to decide on an issue that’s highly specific. Your subject can be incredibly limited or quite wide, as was already said.

No of your niche, the foremost important thing is to form sure your idea offers something fresh. How will your podcast knock off comparison to others that address the identical topic?

Consider your podcast’s target market

Who is your target market is another important factor to require into consideration when launching a podcast. Consider your ideal listener once you choose your topic and make your podcast.

Will they need similar interests to yours? is that the audience for the fabric you want to supply already established?

Keep in mind that your podcast should cover topics that both you and your audience find interesting.

What does your podcast want to achieve?

This is also a wonderful moment to think about your podcast’s purpose. Are you making this podcast to share with a choose group of friends, or are you aiming for a wider audience?

Do you want to form listeners laugh, or is that the goal of your podcast to impart more knowledge?

Early consideration of those issues can assist you avoid veering off track in a while.

Your Podcast’s Name

It’s a big job naming a blog or podcast to start a podcast or blog. Although it should not be the foremost crucial step in launching a podcast, it does have some significance.

Check to work out if the Name Has Been Selected even as you’d study a site name before beginning a blog, you ought to do the identical before launching a podcast.

Consider the Podcast’s Name’s Length. The name of a podcast is also up to 255 characters long, although i would not suggest doing so. The name of your podcast may first be shortened on devices like mobile phones.

Don’t overuse keywords. so as to extend the likelihood that your material are discovered, you must avoid “keyword stuffing,” which is that the practice of inserting popular search terms into podcast episode names and other content.

Your podcast should have a definite name that’s easy to grasp. Your title should be precise. irrespective of how interesting the subject, a program called Our Community Bulletin won’t attract many viewers.

Keep an eye fixed on the title since Apple Podcasts searches using this area.

Purchase the Essential Tools you wish to Launch a Podcast

You know why you wish to start a podcast, and you have got an inspiration and a reputation. it is time to make a decision what fundamental tools you’ll have to launch your podcast now.

Right from your iPhone, you’ll be able to create, edit, and share a podcast. However, i’d advise you to form an additional equipment investment for better sound quality and simpler editing.

Computer or laptop

A computer is required to form and modify MP3 files. It’s rather personal preference on which brand you select.

I particularly like Apple goods, and a laptop just like the MacBook Pro would be my choice due to its portability and simple use.


A microphone is critical for your podcast, and there are several options available. I suggest beginning with one in all these entry-level, low-cost, and high-quality podcast mics (all under $100).

Selecting a recording and editing program

Launching a podcast requires recording and editing your audio.

Podcasting’s editing stage might take an extended time to finish. In light of this, ensure to decide on one that’s simple to use and powerful enough to try and do the tasks you would like.

Using trademarks and copyright for your podcast

Even if you haven’t even finished recording your first track, copyrighting your podcast are a few things to stay in mind as you launch and expand it.

Please understand that i’m not a lawyer. I can only provide general guidance about copyright and trademark use.

Contact a lawyer who can assist you with registering your podcast for a comprehensive grasp of legal procedures before start a podcast.

Put Your Podcast in an exceedingly Format

Every episode contains a somewhat different topic. Some are pre-written, while others are spontaneously recorded.

Consider the format you would like to use when deciding the way to start a podcast.

Make a podcast episode first

You are prepared with the required hardware, software, and format. you must now start recording your first podcast. Here are some things to contemplate after you start with this since it is so thrilling.

Don’t stress out if your high expectations aren’t met. Launching a podcast is like launching a book. whether or not the primary thing you write isn’t your greatest, it’s still better than not writing in the least.

It’s possible that your early recordings do not have the very best audio quality, and it’s unlikely that you’ve got found your voice yet. However, don’t let it prevent you from beginning.

If your first episodes aren’t revolutionary, don’t stress. Things will ultimately heal, and you will be ready to listen back to your earlier podcasts to work out how far you’ve come.

Your Podcast Editing

One of the foremost time-consuming steps within the podcasting process is editing your show. It’s another aspect of podcasting that incorporates a big impact.

In post-production, you will correct audio issues, cut out unnecessary airtime, and delete tedious portions of the recording. a mean recording is also significantly improved with proper editing techniques.

I won’t get in detail on a way to edit your audio since there are many variations in editing programs.

However, I can say that regardless of whatever platform you choose, keeping your talks brief and avoiding long silences or interruptions are some easy best practices that’ll keep your listeners more interested and sure to remain around for the full episode.

Bring in your audio

This step might not be required since every editing program differs. Some audio editing programs allow you to record sounds straight into the program. you want to import the recording if that’s not the case with yours.

Additionally, you will pay other businesses to edit your podcasts.

Organize your podcasting schedule

Think about your podcasting schedule as you are thinking to start a podcast.

You’ve just finished your first podcast, and you’re commencing to like it. You can’t look forward to your friends and family to determine what you’ve come up with since the editing is flawless.

There is some stuff you should do first before publishing your podcast for the entire world to listen to.

Make further episodes. you ought to initially record some episodes of your podcast before recording your first one and posting it immediately to your podcast hosting service.

Why? When it involves producing any sort of material, it’s simple to induce behind. Imagine you would like to release a replacement podcast hebdomadally, every time period, or maybe each month. Choose how often to upload new episodes.

Select a Podcast Hosting Service

The next step to start a podcast is to upload your podcast and arrange for an online host. You want to choose a podcast host if you would like people to concentrate to that.

Companies that host podcasts provide as a bridge between your recording software and directories like Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Many people mistakenly believe that you just may directly upload your audio recordings to iTunes, however, this can be not true.

There must be someplace to store audio recordings since they’re rather substantial. Hosting a podcast may help thereupon.

Numerous options are available, including Buzzsprout, PodBean, Captivate, Transistor, Spreaker, etc.

Create a podcast’s cover art and an outline.

One strategy for encouraging listeners to test out your podcast is to brand it. Your podcast’s visual appeal and interesting description may determine whether or not someone decides to pay attention thereto.

Create a podcast’s cover art and outline before starting if you really want to make money podcasting.

The way to Promote Your Podcast to Listeners

The first step in creating a podcast is to record it and distribute it, but once you’ve shared your creation with the planet, how are you able to attract listeners?

This is often a difficult aspect of podcasting, but there are several strategies you’ll be able to use to expand your listenership, many of which are inspired by the way to drive visitors to a blog.

A fantastic tool for advertising your podcast is social media. once you publish a podcast, you will let your social media followers understand each episode. But rather than stopping there, still pique intrigue by providing sneak peaks.

Before you publish a brand new episode, provide brief audio snippets. Share behind-the-scenes images so others may learn more about you.

When people hear your podcast, they merely hear your voice. Give them a chance to be told more about your appearance and daily activities.

This is a useful strategy for establishing rapport along with your audience and increasing relatability.

The fun of podcasting is that you just can make it into anything you wish it to be, whether it is a profitable company, a side gig, or a pastime.

You will be shocked to be told that, if done correctly, podcasting can herald a large income. the positive news commencing to transform your podcast into a corporation is absolutely not that difficult.

Making the thing work for you is all that’s required because you have already got it. during this post, we’ll show you step-by-step the way to rapidly and successfully monetize your podcast. Let’s begin immediately.

Can you really be paid to pay attention to podcasts?

Absolutely. But let’s be clear- we’re not saying your podcast will start making money straight away. you need to put within the effort if you would like to determine results, even as with everything else.

Leveraging your personal or podcasting brand typically goes hand in hand with monetizing your podcast, and doing so will ultimately be to your long-term advantage.

You’ll generate money through podcasting in one manner or another as long as you’ve got a captive audience of some kind.

How Are Podcasts Funded?

The fact that there are such a large amount of various options to monetize your podcast is what I find most interesting.

Remember that different revenue-generating strategies are more feasible or efficient at various development stages: what works for a widely known, suffered podcast might not be as accessible for a program that’s just getting started, and that is good!

To get advertisers, increase your audience to make money podcasting

Including advertisements in your podcast should be obvious for podcasts with a large following. Companies and makes are willing to spend more for your listeners.

Podcasters with a limited following must first expand it so as to urge advertising. this can come naturally if you set within the effort via successful marketing, branding, and word of mouth.

Making Money From Sponsorships and Ads During the Show

Deals for sponsorships and advertising could also be highly profitable and just need little effort from you (beyond securing the deal, of course).

The more of an audience you have got, the extra money these brands and businesses are going to be prepared to supply you since they’re paying you for visibility.

Every podcast listener is conversant in the phrase “brought to you by x, y, and z,” which is pure sponsorship.

Many podcasting ad firms support the interaction between podcasters and marketers. For a charge, they make sure of all the administration and logistics.

Reach intent on specialty businesses that cater to your variety of audience if you have got a smaller podcast in a very certain area. an incredible relationship may be watching for you.

When should I consider to make money podcasting?

It’s up to you to accomplish this. you’ll begin informally and haven’t any immediate plans to monetize your podcast. Alternatively, you’ll start your podcast with the goal of constructing money.

It also depends on what you mean once you say “making money from your podcast.”

Does one want to supplement your income with some more bucks or does one want to create up a big chunk of it? Your answer to the present question will decide whether and the way you think about generating income from your podcast.

It doesn’t really matter once you begin, in the end. Although, as we previously indicated, the probabilities available to you’ll vary supported the stage of development your podcast is at.

Best 12 strategies to make money podcasting

Here are the best 12 strategies to make money podcasting as you already have started a podcast.

1. Request contributions

As the adage goes, you will not receive what you do not kindle. Perhaps the best and most straightforward approach to monetize your podcast is to solicit contributions from your audience.

Through websites like Patreon or PayPal, loyal and helpful listeners may make donations to support your podcast.

2. Provide levels of paid membership

This is also another popular way to make money podcasting.

A certain strategy to monetize your podcast is to line up premium membership levels if you’ve got a fanatical and engaged fan following.

This can be a superb strategy for monetization since it benefits both parties because your listeners believe they’re receiving close access to rare material.

Additionally, a membership program may be a terrific method to keep up your freedom from brand collaborations while still making money from your podcast for podcasters who value that independence.

You may also provide an ad-free choice to your paying subscribers if you have already got that profitable ad arrangement in situ. there’s always the way if there’s a will!

What Are Memberships For Podcasts?

In essence, a podcast membership may be a more specialized subscription. Your listeners pay a specific amount on a daily basis reciprocally for unique features and material.

Memberships for your podcast are a strong tool for establishing a gradual cash stream and fostering a sense of community among your listeners. Certainly a win-win situation.

For podcasts with a committed and devoted fan following that often listens to and interacts together with your material, a subscription model will work well.

How to Make Money podcasting using memberships?

Ensure the value of your membership.

You could discover that a lot of of your listeners will facilitate your out of goodwill and since they think your podcast will succeed, but you mustn’t always judge that.

Make sure your listeners believe they’re receiving a good bargain since you may be asking them to create a recurring payment.

For subscribers, create bonuses or premium content

When it involves the special material you provide to your subscribers, you will be imaginative and make merry. you’ll make this a part of developing a membership scheme as labor-intensive (or not) as you wish.

You may record more episodes, invite your members to witness your live recording session, or solicit their feedback on potential future episodes. Whatever you suspect your audience would be willing to procure, that’s truly up to you.

Establish tiers of membership

You may provide many tiers with increasingly greater features and premium benefits. thanks to the variability of pricing points that are catered to, even individuals on a tighter budget may be persuaded to hitch.

A basic membership could be an inexpensive price to pay money for a fast mention on your program.

A VIP membership, however, can provide access to measure events where your listeners can interact with you nose to nose (or online).

Consider signing up for the Apple Podcasters Program so as to sell subscriptions through Apple Podcasts. or develop membership programs using Patreon.

3. Sell adverts or solicit sponsorships

As we previously said, getting a sponsorship or advertising contract should not be difficult if you’ve got a large audience or target a particular listenership.

You are effectively selling air time before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after your program after you sell a sponsorship or advertisement (post-roll).

Because listeners are less likely to skip through, mid-roll is that the most coveted and dear ad spot. kind of like pre-roll, post-roll is that the least profitable placement since most listeners will switch to the following episode or stop listening altogether.

Two types of podcast advertising are typical:

The presenter advertises the merchandise. The host shares and discusses the concerned good or service. The episode’s flow is also less disrupted or intrusive with this choice.

advertisements that have already been recorded. You get a pre-recorded advertisement from the brand or business that purchased the ad spot. Simply count the recording together of the predetermined number of episodes.

4. sign on for a marketing network

There are networks for podcast advertising, like Midroll, to form your life simpler. They prevent the time and energy of getting to look companies and sponsors yourself by connecting podcast broadcasters with them.

You need to sign up there to grow your audience which helps a lot to start a podcast and make money.

5. Repurposed content purchasable

Make sure you get the foremost out of the time and energy you invested in making your informative and worthwhile podcast. To reuse your podcast episodes, consider transcription (which is kind of simple using Riverside.FM’s automatic transcription feature).

Once you have got your podcast transcription, you’ll convert it into a piece and submit it for consideration to well-known media that cater to your specialized market.

6. Publish your program on YouTube

By posting your program as a video on YouTube, you’re repurposing your podcast by syndicating it there.

Although it’s simple to form a video podcast with, if you cannot, don’t panic. Simply upload your podcast audio and use the duvet art from your podcast because the picture for the video.

The YouTube Partner Program: what’s it?

You may make money off of your YouTube material by joining the YouTube Partner Program. you will use the software to access more YouTube features and services.

How to monetize a podcast using the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program makes it simple to monetize your podcasts.

However, detain mind that so as to participate within the program, you need to meet certain qualifying conditions additionally as a minimum subscription and viewing count.

An honest method to achieve a bigger audience, a number of whom might not have an interest in podcasts on traditional listening sites, is by uploading your podcast on YouTube.

How to monetize your YouTube podcasts?

Revenue from advertising. Any advertisements that are shown next to, over, or played before or during your video will earn you a share of the money.

Membership during a channel. Subscribers may pay a monthly subscription fee for more benefits and unique material, very much like establishing membership levels for your podcast.

Sell your products. you’ll add a second source of revenue to your YouTube channel by selling products together with your brand on them.

Revenue from YouTube Premium. you may get an element of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s membership price once they view your video.

7. Sell products

Everyone enjoys some branded merchandise. you will make everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs instantly if you’ve got a particular logo or podcast artwork.

Branded podcast merch is superb since it doubles as advertising. additionally to being an additional source of money, selling tangible products is additionally a really effective free method to market your podcast.

Whenever a listener wears a branded t-shirt, they’re unintentionally marketing your podcast.

8. speaking publicly

You may start charging for speech engagements if you have been podcasting for ages and have made a reputation for yourself in your field of experience.

9. Make a paid online course

An e-course is that the ideal option for you to sell your podcast if it’s any instructional or informational elements. It needn’t cost plenty of cash to make a web course.

Your e-course may simply summarize the knowledge you discuss on your podcast and add some more nuggets of wisdom.

E-courses are appealing to prospective customers since they’re supported demonstrable outcomes. they’re cognizant of what they’re investing in and what they’ll get from it.

Additionally, the prospect is that you will have lots of takers whenever you offer your course since you have already got a captive audience.

10. promoting content improvements

A fast and straightforward approach to monetize your podcast is by offering content enhancements sort of a printable cheat sheet or an exclusive resource.

The content upgrade should be relevant to the episode’s material and enhance the listening experience.

For instance, if the subject of your podcast episode was “how to quit procrastinating,” you’ll include a checklist or a practical plan of action to help your listeners in putting your advise into practice.

11. Conferences and events

Events and conferences are excellent ways to interact along with your listeners, make money from your podcast, and unite your neighborhood.

This is a more ambitious and extensive method of monetizing your podcast for obvious reasons. This works well for established podcasts with the power to plan a big event.

How to Make a Podcast Money at Conferences and Events?

When you have a loyal following and have made a reputation for yourself as a podcaster, you may start to dream larger and organize an entire paid event.

Meeting you and any co-hosts in the flesh are going to be the first draw for the majority of your fan following. Your event’s format will rely upon the type of podcast you present and also the reasonably listeners you target.

Consider doing lectures, seminars, or panel discussions if your podcast is educational. you’ll also do a stand-up show if you are a comedy host.

While an in-person conference or podcast event is certainly not feasible within the current COVID environment, you’ll want to give some thought to doing a web event or livestream in its instead.

12. Promote your coaching or consulting business

You may start providing your services to other podcasters as a podcasting consultant or coach after you’ve established your reputation within the industry and shown you have got what it takes.

This will include giving other podcasters guidance on a way to develop, promote, and monetize their own show.

Those that like visuals? View the video below to find out a way to make money with podcasts.

Five simple yet really powerful ways to monetize your podcast

Top 5 tips to make money podcasting

I have talked a lot to start a podcast and now its time to share my best 5 tips to make money  podcasting. Let’s see them bellow;

TIP #1: Create a high-quality podcast

You must be producing a podcast to an expert quality if you wish to monetize it, attract profitable collaborations, and build your brand.

If your podcast meets expectations, your listeners and prospective sponsors are more inclined to decide to and support it. Nothing ruins your style over poor audio quality or shoddy editing.

You won’t be sorry if you employ to record a podcast at studio quality from anywhere within the globe.

TIP #2: Create a locality

Consider your audience and community before you even consider the way to make money from your podcast. they’re a podcaster’s most significant resource.

However, it is not simply a game of numbers. Naturally, expanding your audience is significant, but developing a sense of neighborhood and shut relationships is even more crucial.

Your audience is more likely to react favorably to the commercials, affiliate links, and sponsorships you place in your show if you’ll build a listener base that backs you and your podcast.

Additionally, if your audience is absolutely engaged, you may be able to charge more for advertising with you.

TIP #3 Consider monetization that is effective for both you and your audience

What functions well for one podcast won’t function in any respect for one more. to get money efficiently along with your podcast, you need to understand both your audience and your podcast.

Different revenue strategies are going to be more suitable betting on your pitch, the listeners you draw, and therefore the function your podcast serves.

As an example, creating an internet course would probably be a waste of your time if you were a comedy podcast, whereas finding sponsorship would be preferable. the other is true if you’re employed as a coach or coach of some kind.

TIP #4 Be willing to broaden your brand’s appeal

In a perfect world, your podcast would be ready to support you directly via sponsorships and advertisements, which would be the tip of it. Unfortunately, this is often not always feasible, particularly if your audience is restricted.

It’s essential to be receptive other possible income sources, which can include broadening your brand and your content offerings, if you’re attack making money from podcasting.

This might involve creating additional episodes that are only available to your subscribers or offering online courses, coaching, or both. Consider novel ideas.

TIP #5 Find a middle ground and do not be scared to refuse requests

Every opportunity to earn money from your podcast are a lifesaver if you have got a limited budget or are struggling to form ends meet.

However, you’re ultimately the one who knows your podcast and audience the most effective. Strike a balance between your desire for financial success and also the integrity of your podcast the maximum amount as you’ll be able to.

Never be scared to say no an agreement or collaboration if your instinct tells you it is not the proper fit  your podcast. there is a good chance that a far better offer is available.

What Is Podcast Affiliate Marketing?

Sell affiliate items to urge income via affiliate marketing

Rather than being acquired incorporating the advertisement, selling affiliate items to your listeners includes promoting things as was common and getting paid according on what percentage people actually buy the item in question.

Due to the apparent undeniable fact that there’s no assurance on what number people will actually purchase the merchandise you’re marketing, affiliate sales are a considerably less predictable source of revenue.

Finding Affiliate Sponsors: A Guide

It’s not necessarily necessary to sign a partnership agreement so as to start promoting affiliate items on your podcast.

There are many alternative affiliate programs available that are simple to access. There are many results once you search quickly, but two of the more well-known ones are Amazon Associates and Skillshare.

Another choice is to urge to bear with companies you think that your audience would love and try to strike up an exclusive affiliate arrangement.

How to Make a Podcast Profitable by Using Affiliate Sponsors

You are essentially betting and hoping that your audience are going to be fascinated by an affiliate product once you promote and advertise it on your podcast. If all goes in line with plan, you’ll sell plenty of the products and earn a decent commission.

Guidelines for Promoting Your Affiliate Links

If the affiliate product fits together with your specific theme or subject, you’ll be able to either mention it naturally during the flow of the episode or dedicate a segment to promoting it.

Ensure to share the affiliate link along with your listeners, which is crucial. yet as adding it in your show notes and audio transcript, you’ll recite it throughout your podcast.

The best advice is to open up to your audience that you simply get compensation for his or her purchases.

What Do Podcasters Make in Money?

The earnings of podcasters don’t seem to be known with precision. All of this is often important to a podcast’s success. A podcast may often earn extra money if it’s more downloads or listeners.

Visit our orientate what quantity podcasters make to induce a much better understanding of what the everyday podcaster may make.

Who Produces Podcasts That Make the foremost Money?

The top podcasters, per Forbes, are:

Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience, earns $30 million a year from his 190 million monthly downloads.

My Favorite Murder’s Karen Kilgariff and Georgie Hardstark, with 35 million monthly downloads and $15 million in revenue.

Dave Ramsey, host of The Dave Ramsey Show, who makes $10 million annually and has 13 million weekly listeners.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding make money podcasting

How can a podcast be made profitable?

As we’ve shown, making money from a podcast isn’t as difficult because it could seem. you simply must put within the time and energy to form it happen. There are many methods to earn money podcasting.

Never forget that not everything that works for one podcast will necessarily work for you.

How many downloads are required for my podcast to become profitable?

For obvious reasons, having a bigger audience—or at the very least, a smaller but devoted listenership—always helps with monetizing your podcast.

Despite this, there are methods for smaller, less well-known podcasts to start generating income.

What is the value to launch a podcast?

It costs whatever you would like it to cost. If you wish to take a position in an exceedingly setup of knowledgeable caliber and have a large budget, your expenses will mount.

On the opposite side, you will start with almost nothing if you only want to experiment with podcasting.

Do Spotify podcasts generate revenue?

In conclusion, yes, Spotify podcasts can and do generate revenue. Sponsorship, advertising, and affiliate marketing are this means through which podcasters on the positioning get paid.

However, Spotify has just introduced a podcast monetization plan (currently available within the u.  s. only) which will allow podcasters to be paid directly via the service.

You may increase your podcast earnings via paid subscriptions with this strategy, which is exclusively accessible through Anchor, their podcast hosting service.

Is podcasting a viable source of income?

Certainly, podcasting is also a profitable endeavor. the foremost popular podcasters earn lots of dollars yearly. Although not everyone experiences this. It requires plenty of effort, and not everyone can make a living from podcasting.

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