53 best podcast ideas to choose your podcast topics

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We will explore more than 50 best podcast ideas to help you choose your podcast topics in this guide.

The podcast market is flourishing. There are already more than 2 million active podcasts, according to information provided by Podcast Insights.

About 6 out of 10 American customers over the age of 12 listen to podcasts.

In addition to having a large audience that you can draw in, there are several podcast subject options that you may personalize.

You can turn your love for art, science, or technology into a podcast that makes money.

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Here are 50 podcast topics that can help you increase your number of devoted listeners and will hopefully help you get started or get unstuck if you’ve run out of ideas.

How to choose a decent podcast topics?

Before going to the podcast ideas lets see how you can choose the best podcast topics for you.

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1. Consider your areas of interest

If you lack enthusiasm or interest in the subjects, it won’t assist you to cover them. Selecting a topic that you really enjoy and are passionate about is the first step in creating honest content.

Consider the podcast topics you might find fascinating. Anything may be considered, including basic topics like cooking and food, business, psychology, and technology.

2. Think about your target audience

You don’t have to think of great podcast subjects on your own; you can also gain ideas by thinking about your target audience. Understanding this is crucial since this is the audience you want to draw to your podcast.

What do they like to do? What is their origin? What do they do while they’re not working? What issues do they have, and how can you assist them?

These kinds of inquiries can help you identify potential podcast subjects that your listeners would find engaging.

3. Create a distinctive podcast topic

You’ve identified your target market, but you still need to figure out how to stand out in a world where there are millions of podcasts.

We are all unique and have something particular to contribute, which is a blessing. Discover what makes you special, and utilize it as a springboard to generate ideas for truly excellent podcasts.

Maybe you could approach anything from a fresh, new perspective? Or maybe you might concentrate on a market that isn’t sufficiently served?

There are many approaches to creating a podcast, and nobody can do it the same way as you.

4. Finalize your podcast topic

You’re ready to start thinking about a podcast subject after you’ve identified your hobbies, target audience, and what makes you special.

There are many topics you may cover in your podcast. The list below contains more than 50 fresh ideas for podcasts to assist you.

We’ve discussed entertaining podcast themes, oddball ones, contentious ones, and more.

What are you waiting for? Read on for our list of some of the best podcast topic ideas.

Best 50 plus podcast ideas or podcast topics

Now, let’s go into the deep about the best 50 plus podcast ideas for you.

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1. Behind the scenes of an industry

Whether it’s the publishing business, the movie industry or even the creation of a certain TV program, or the activities at a specific Silicon Valley company, consider creating a podcast that examines the obscure side of something you’re acquainted with.

2. Documentary

Study a workplace in your town using The Office as your model. Take honest recordings of managers and workers, conduct interviews, etc.

Alternately, think about creating an audio documentary on a local subject.

To find out how anything occurred to your grandparents or someone in your area, interview them. Obtain background information to enliven the podcast.

3. Tell the same story from different points of view

Looking to launch a unique storytelling podcast? Think about telling the story of a single incident from the perspectives of each character within a season.

best podcast ideas or podcast topics

Try turning it into a fictitious mystery audio play to practice your writing skills and keep the listeners guessing as to “whodunnit.”

4. Deep dives

Take deep dives into your subject of choice over the course of a whole season.

Fans like Ringer’s Binge Mode, for instance, since it is a well researched and in-depth examination of the authors’ preferred television shows and book series, such as Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5. A day in the life of…

Learn about a day in the life of your mailman, supervisor, or friend by conducting an interview with them.

People have an odd fascination with other people’s creative endeavors, so this unconventional podcast topic might be popular.

6. Mystery theme

Do you want to hold your audience in suspense? Have a hidden theme for each season.

Until the disclosure at the conclusion of the season, that is, provide apparently unconnected tales and let the viewer attempt to figure out how they are connected.

7. Business

Are you considering a career in entrepreneurship? Interview successful entrepreneurs and CEOs for your podcast to learn company success strategies.

For those who want to learn more about business in general, from supply-chain management to economic theory, you may produce an instructive podcast.

Consider Chris Guillebeau’s daily podcast, Side Hustle School, which features a new tale of an entrepreneur who transformed their side company into a successful enterprise.

8. Book reviews and book clubs

If you like reading, think about launching a podcast book club with your closest buddy or a changing roster of guests. If you have the resources, you may even interview the writers themselves.

9. Recommendations for books

Like Anne Bogel and subscribe to a podcast that suggests books, like What Should I Read Next?

Take calls from listeners, learn what genres they like reading, and provide recommendations for their TBR list.

10. Comedy & Funny podcast topics ideas

People like having fun! Put your comedic skills to work with a new podcast show if you’re aspiring to be a standup comedian. Invite other visitors to test out your jokes or have comic discussions on current events.

11. Travel

In the year of COVID-19, everyone is starving for travel. Capitalize on that by starting a travel podcast! 

You could spend each episode interviewing people in various tourist hotspots to gain insider advice on what to do while going there, or you could provide advice on packing or traveling on a budget.

12. Short stories

Do you like writing? Think about reading your short tales on your podcast as a way to “publish” them.

As LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow fame does on his popular podcast, LeVar Burton Reads, you may also read short tales and passages from novels written by others.

13. Music podcast ideas

Are you totally enamored with music? Investigate the biographies of your favorite artists, instruct your listeners in music theory, or even accept calls from viewers and provide recommendations for new musicians based on their listening preferences.

14. Movie or TV reviews

Everyone has an opinion! Start a podcast for movie reviews if you need a reason to see every movie that is released in cinemas. Alternately, make a recap series that covers your preferred TV program as it airs and includes future predictions.

15. History

Consider establishing a history podcast if you like learning obscure historical details.

You might produce cheery episodes with a recurring subject like Crooked Media’s Hall of Shame, which focuses on sports scandals or impart broad historical knowledge on often disregarded occasions as seen on Stuff You Missed in History Class from How Stuff Works.

16. Focus on what’s local to you

Create a podcast for people in your neighborhood. You may write about local government news, neighborhood activities, or even neighborhood initiatives and group gatherings.

17. Art

Discover the history of art while telling the biographies of renowned artists and sculptures. instruct others in appreciating art. Or, for humorous effect, have a novice visitor explain a well-known picture to your audience.

18. Personal finance

If you’re a money geek, think about appealing to those who are always attempting to improve how they handle their own finances.

You might focus your podcast’s theme by talking about how to renovate your home affordably or get rid of debt quickly.

Or you could simply provide general financial advice and speak with professionals, like Josh and Matt do on their well-liked podcast How to Money.

19. Prepping

Would you be interested in researching survivalists? Make a podcast subject out of the interviews and research you’ve done.

Instead, you may start a podcast that examines (in varying degrees of seriousness) how to be ready for various scenarios, such as the zombie apocalypse or your first year of college.

20. Pop culture

There are several excellent podcasts that discuss the most recent news in Hollywood, fashion, and social media scandals, but no one would tackle these topics in exactly the same way as you would.

Find a distinctive angle, like the presenters of the wildly successful podcast Keep It, and go with it!

21. Celebrity interviews

If you have the connections, start a podcast where you interview prominent individuals about their life.

22. Politics and news

Do you love the news? Or maybe you’re always droning on about politics to your buddies.

Start a podcast where you debate all the most recent developments in politics and news, and you can turn that pastime into money via advertising.

Find your own approach to differentiate your podcast from others that cover current events, much like the pop culture niche.

23. Debunking myths

Some individuals will take you at your word. Even now, there are individuals who spend their whole lives believing assertions that are untrue.

Why not examine prevalent misconceptions and dispel them to help people understand what is really true?

24. ASMR

Do you happen to be one of those persons who gets a tingling feeling running down their spine and from their scalp when they watch films of people whispering?

The term autonomous sensory meridian (ASMR), which is on the rise, refers to this reaction.

Consider producing podcast episodes that induce ASMR, as The ASMR Podcast does, using sounds like whispering, crinkling paper, or even stirring bowls of soup.

25. Marketing

Whether it be via social media, email, or content marketing, the marketing sector is flourishing to name a few. Utilize your industry expertise to educate your audience with practical marketing information!

26. Pets

Are you more into animals? Consider producing a podcast to educate your listeners about basic pet maintenance or interview owners of unique dogs.

Or possibly provide a podcast with soothing sounds for dogs to listen to when they’re feeling uncomfortable (such as travel or being home alone).

27. Teach people random skills

Enjoy discovering new things and sharing them with others? Think about starting a podcast that focuses only on acquiring life skills like how to ride a bike or change a tire.

28. Psychology

If you’re interested in psychology, think about learning more about the mind.

Your podcast may cover all aspects of psychology, or you might focus more specifically on issues like the psychology of eating, personality types, or phobias.

29. Relationship exploration

Hold discussions with your spouse, significant other, or even your closest friends.

Do in-depth analyses of relationship difficulties and encourage your guests to provide your audience relationship advise.

Or, as Esther Perel does on her podcast Where Should We Begin, if you’re a therapist, you may think about doing real therapy sessions with a completely anonymous audience.

30. Lifehacks

People are fascinated by life-hacking information. Start a podcast that teaches practical suggestions, such as fast productivity hacks, easy home organization tactics, or where to obtain cheap airline tickets.

31. Food

Who doesn’t like food? If you like talking about food, you may want to create a podcast about it.

Interview well-known restaurant chefs, demonstrate how to prepare various meals, or investigate diverse regional cuisines.

32. Technology

The potential for content in the technology sector is endless since technology is always evolving.

Keep your audience informed of the most current technological advancements or important security risks. Alternately, instruct folks on improved phone or computer use.

You could also combine the tech and psychology niches by giving your audience advice on how to use technology effectively rather than destructively.

For example, you could speak with productivity experts to get tips like turning your phone’s screen to grayscale and turning off addictive notifications.

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33. Inspirational podcast

Make your podcast something inspiring to wake up to since everyone could use a little encouragement! For each episode, choose a new thought-provoking passage or tale to consider.

Or, as popular author and happiness expert Gretchen Rubin does on her podcast Happier, make your podcast a study of the happy life.

34. Get your sponsor involved

Ask your current corporate sponsors for podcast concept suggestions if you currently have one or two.

Ask a representative to be interviewed for a series of episodes, or maybe work with your sponsor to develop a game.

But remember to keep control of the reins; this is still your podcast.

35. Q&A

Ask your listeners for questions, then respond to them in your episode (or accept live call-ins, if your podcasting program enables it)!

Consider having a new subject each week or inviting guests to respond to questions from listeners about their own experiences or areas of expertise.

36. Advice

Offer to advise on anything that takes your fancy, or use your show as a column. Answer challenging questions on life advice live for the benefit of your listeners.

37. Social Media

Are you a part of Gen-Z and do you use social media naturally?

Give your audience advice on how to effectively utilize social media, whether it’s for promoting your company or connecting with friends.

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38. Habits

Examine how habits develop, provide advice on creating habits, or even keep a journal of your journey as you work to create a habit over the course of 30 days.

39. Fitness

You might also concentrate on encouraging your audience to do better at their sports activities. Offer advice on cycling, weightlifting, or jogging. To get the greatest industry guidance, speak with trainers.

Marathon Training Academy, one of the most well-known running podcasts, has been there since the beginning of podcasting.

Trevor and Angie Spencer, the show’s hosts, provide guidance, talk with specialists and well-known athletes while chronicling their running experiences.

40. Fashion/Beauty

Could we speak about necklines and hairstyles all day? Think about starting a fashion podcast where you discuss new trends in clothing or provide beauty tips.

41. Nutrition and weight loss

What about a podcast that promotes healthy eating while we’re at it? Interview a variety of nutritionists and talk about different dietary trends (like the Paleo diet, veganism, or the raw diet).

42. A daily piece of advice

Like Ben Fewtrell does on his 5-minute podcast, Daily Business Lessons, provide your audience quick, practical business and entrepreneur tips to keep them encouraged every morning.

43. Face your fear

Take your audience on a trip as you confront your own fear since we are all afraid of something. Worried about spiders?

Learn about their anatomy, interact with professionals, and have one creep up your arm! Do you fear heights? As you yell from the tallest structure in your city, lead your listeners along with you.

You won’t only dominate a niche; you could also create an exciting, adrenaline-fueled group of people who share your interests.

44. Prank podcast

We all need something to giggle about in 2022. By running a prank podcast, whether it’s prank phoning the old-fashioned way or ding-dong dashing, you may become that person.

Choose your poison, make a thorough strategy, and keep detailed records. Remember, after the prank is over, everyone should be laughing!

45. Investigation

adore real crime? Do you like digging a little bit? (By research, we mean. Avoid having too many ideas. If you have the time, look for a local mystery that hasn’t been solved and use Serial to attempt to solve it.

Give your audience background information by utilizing reliable sources, make some cold calls, and interview key narrative stakeholders. But keep in mind to respect others’ privacy if they choose not to participate.

46. Random Facts

Did you know that peanut butter can be used to make diamonds? Or, what animal has the longest lifespan? Do you possess a wealth of knowledge but have no one to share it with?

So why not create a podcast using your expertise. You may go in-depth on more specialized knowledge or just cover everyday facts, like in Today I Learned.

47. Internet Culture

This is for all you meme fans! You may find this to be an intriguing podcast subject if you love memes and spend a lot of time online.

You may discuss how society has changed as a result of the Internet and if this transformation is in fact beneficial or negative. You could discuss Web3 and, of course, inject some comedy with amusing videos or internet memes.

48. Podcast for a cause

In many respects, the planet needs assistance. Why not make a creative contribution? You may educate them on a range of topics, including feminism, global warming, and more.

You might even demand a set sum of money from each listener in exchange for their making a donation to a worthy charity.

49. Parenting Podcast

As we all know, parenthood is difficult. Do you have children for the first time and are experiencing parenthood? Or have you already had some experience with raising children?

Why not compile your knowledge into a podcast to support other parents in their endeavors?

50. Medical Advice

Eventually, we turn to Google to identify our symptoms. There is no doubt that people might use some medical guidance.

Why not educate them if you are a doctor, pharmacist, or have a medical degree so they won’t panic every time they research their symptoms?

More podcast ideas or podcast topics for you;

51. Surviving in the wild

Ever pondered what to do in the event of an aircraft crash? Alternatively, what should you do if a tsunami or storm strikes?

Though it’s a little more somber, you may discuss survival strategies. Interviewing survivors, delving into the causes of tragedies, and perhaps disseminating knowledge that might help others from suffering a similar fate.

52. Gaming Podcast

Not simply online and digital gaming is being discussed. You may even discuss games like Poker, Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, and so on. There are several topics to discuss, including evaluations and strategy.

53. Finding Love

You are available to date and single! Why not keep a journal of your dating experiences while you search for Mr. or Mrs. Right?

You might also give individuals advice on how to make relationships work for them if you are an authority on the subject.

Take Love Life with Matthew Hussey as an example. You may discover all the information you need to locate the one on this podcast.


A podcast is a series of audio recordings that are typically distributed online. They are typically episodic and can be listened to on your computer, phone, or other audio device.

In today’s world, it is hard to find a time when you are not engaged in some form of electronic communication.

Whether it is checking your email, browsing the web, or listening to music, we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices and content.

Podcasting is one of the newer forms of electronic communication, and it is quickly becoming an important part of our culture.

I think you have got a clear idea about the best podcast ideas or podcast topics. Now its time to share your experience and opinion about which podcast ideas can be best for you.

Check our google podcast to get more ideas.

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