Best 3 types of projectors, use, advantages and disadvantages in details

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There are different types of projectors which we have used now a days.

A projector is an optical device which is used to projects a figure or videos on a plain surface.

This surface may be a plain surface or a screen. Projectors have replaced the monitor in large size.

For this, it serves the purpose to projects anything as a large television, or monitor can do.

Projectors are commonly used in classrooms, corporate meetings, concerts, movie theaters or home theaters.

We use projectors in classrooms to serve the purpose of looking every student of far side or long distance at our teacher’s lecture.

In this article we will discuss 3 most popular types of projectors, their use, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get started to the topics.

We can classify projectors according to different angle. There are mainly three types of projectors according to their display property.

  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) projector
  • Liquide crystal display (LCD) projector
  • Digital light processing (DLP) projector

Now its time to explore each types of projectors in detail. Let’s get into the topics.

1. Cathode ray tube (CRT) projector

CRT projector is one of the most popular types of projectors now. This types of projectors have high brightness which is basically called a video projecting device.

It has a tiny cathode ray tube inside this projector. A lens is kept in front of the CRT to control the size of the projection.

CRT projectors need more power to run and it is not portable because of its large size. Its setup is difficult as initial stage.

CRT projectors have three light guns and for this the picture quality is very high. Its images are processed with the help of three main color red green and blue.

2. Liquid crystal display (LCD) projector

LCD projector is also a main types of projectors which have a brighter image quality and they are better than DLP projectors.

They are also affordable in price and have a good rendering of blocks as well as handling of motion.

It works by polarized mirror that pass and reflects certain color of lights only.

LCD resembles two different states of matter. One is liquid and other is solid. The liquid crystal display projectors use liquid crystal for projecting images on the screen.

These liquid crystals work as like as the same process of the display of computer monitors, laptops, TVs or other cell phones.

They are much thinner than CRT projectors and easy to use. Because they are portable.

3. Digital light processing (DLP) projector

DLP projectors have an array of mirrors that tilt towards the light source. Two types of DLP projectors are available in the market now.

One is single chip DLP projectors which provides a sharp images quality and other is three chip DLP projectors which is more expensive but good qualitative than single chip projectors.

DLP projectors provide three dimensional sharp images. It is also very speedy in nature and have a better brightness than LCD projectors.

Most of DLPs are produced by Texas Instrument.

Use of projectors

We use projector for a number of purpose. Actually you may have also seen some use of projectors.

Here, I have pointed out some very common use of projectors to our daily life.

Advantages of using projectors

Advantages of using projectors are so many. Actually we use projector to get the given advantages to make our life easer.

Disadvantages of using projectors

There are also a few disadvantages of using projectors. These are not the main fact as it is a technology which have made our life more comfortable.

However, projectors play a vital role for any meeting of a big or small company and institution.

The main function of projector is same for every types of projectors.

I hope, this post is able to remove all your doubt about projectors. Please tell us about your experience of visiting the site.

We are very font of hearing from you.

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