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There are different types of joystick or game controller we use today. Joystick is vey popular among people who are font of playing PC game.

Before getting started let’s learn about joystick or game controller.

Joystick is an input device which works as a popular game controller. It looks like a box with a button with stick.

Though it was actually used in aviation but now we can use joystick at home to control the games we play.

Here in this post I will discuss about different types of joystick or game controller which can help you to choose your own.

Among several types of joystick, here in this article we will talk about five most popular types of joystick.

One more things you may have known that joystick is most popular by the name ‘game controller’ as we usually control our PC game by this input device. Let’s go to the types of joystick now.

There are are many different types of joystick we use now a days. With the development of technology this input device is also takes different shape and functionality.

However, in this article I will discuss about main five types of joystick. The five most common types of joystick is given bellow with more details.

1. Digital joystick

Digital joystick is the most common types of joystick we use today. It has 4 buttons and a firing command. The 4 buttons are left, right, up and down.

digital joystick, type of joystick

This type of joystick is also called Atari-style joystick because they are first introduced with Atari 2600 games.

2. Paddle joystick

Paddle joystick has a knob and a firing button. The knob is used to control the game. It is the oldest type of joystick.

paddle joystick, types of joystick

Paddle joystick use Potentiometer which works in analogue principle to understand the movement of game.

The computer has to convert the signal into digital for using this information.

3. Analog joystick

Analog joystick is also a popular type of joystick. It used both the technology of digital and paddle joystick.

analog joystick, types of joystick

Here, the potentiometer checks the movement of game where digital joystick technology is used to manage the game.

So, we get both the facility in one joystick at analog joystick.

We can use analog joystick with Apple, Amiga or IBM computer although its connection with PC depends on the manufacturer’s choice.

4. PC analog joystick

PC analog joystick also a very common type of analog joystick. It was invented by IBM to use with their PC. We can connect it with compute via USB.

pc analog joystick, types of joystick

PC analog joystick has two buttons although some manufacturers add two connectors to their interface card.

However, the joystick interface card is not more expensive and easier to use.

5. Joy pad

Joy pad is also another type of joystick. This type of joystick is very helpful and easy to use as they work on Bit.

joy pad, types of joystick

It has a directional pad to control the game. Joy pad has no stick to control the game as they have the directional pad for this purpose.

How to choose the best joystick or game controller?

There are many different types of joysticks on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your needs.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best joystick for your needs:

1. Consider your gaming style. Some gamers prefer traditional joysticks with a Control Stick and a D-Pad, while others prefer gamepads with more buttons.

2. Consider your budget. Joysticks can range in price from $10 to $100.

3. Consider your gaming needs. Some gamers only need a basic joystick for basic gaming, while others need more features and functionality.

4. Consider your gaming environment. Different joysticks work better in different environments, such as an indoor or outdoor environment.

5. Consider your hand size. Joysticks come in different sizes, so make sure to choose the size that is comfortable for your hand.

Final thoughts

The joystick has long been one of the most important control devices in gaming.

It allows players to move around the game world and make quick decisions.

While other control devices have come and gone, the joystick remains an essential part of the gaming experience.

I hope that you have got a clear idea about the given 5 types of joystick now. I have tried my best to make it very easy to the readers.

But if you have any question yet, then tell us using the comment section bellow. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

It’s your time to share your experience and opinion about which is the best types of joystick according to you and why.

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