How to keep smartphone battery healthy? 9 best tips and tricks to maintain battery health

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Customers are always looking for the finest smartphones with the longest battery life. But it is quite strategic to keep smartphone battery healthy.

Today in this article, you will come to know the tips and tricks that how to keep smartphone battery healthy.

The days of simply replacing batteries are long gone. To reduce the cost of the pricey professional service that comes with cell phones, we must be aware of how much battery we are using.

While we all use the same sort of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, not all batteries last the same amount of time.

How long we can maintain the health of our smartphone batteries relies entirely on our use patterns and behaviors.

Now, lets see the ways to keep smartphone battery healthy.

How to keep smartphone battery healthy?

When compared to when your smartphone was brand new, batteries may not last as long if you’ve used them for more than a year. In the future, many phones won’t last a day on a single charge.

There are many methods to increase the battery life of your phone.

Here are some recommended practices you may adhere to maintain the health of your smartphone battery, some of which you may already know and others of which may seem unfamiliar to you:

1. Avoid charging over-night

Due to the nation’s ongoing power outages, most people charge their phones overnight to allow them to completely charge, however, this is progressively inflicting serious harm to your phones.

This is because charging overnight results in an overcharged battery, which is risky for the battery’s health.

2. Power bank should not be used when a smartphone is linked to it

When connected to the power bank, avoid using your smartphone. The device’s internal temperatures rise and its battery life decreases when used in this mode.

Avoid fees from unreliable producers:

For various phones, there are particular chargers. The maker of your phone expressly designed a unique charger for it. They designed it to match the capabilities and features of your phone.

Using another person’s charger might harm the performance of your battery. Most often, it slows down charging and has an impact on the battery.

3. Charging in portions

The majority of us charge our phones to capacity out of habit, yet doing so harms the battery. Some people use their phones until the battery is at 0% before plugging them in, which is something that should not be done.

The easiest approach to charging your phone and increasing its longevity is to do so regularly and in little amounts.

You may charge it up to 80%, for instance, and then use it till it reaches 20% before charging it once again. You may lengthen the battery life of your smartphone using this charging cycle.

4. Prevent excessive heat

In high heat or cold, Li-ion batteries perform poorly. It is preferable to use thick phone cases that can keep it warm if you live in a chilly climate.

Don’t keep your phone outside in the sun during hot weather. While cold may temporarily harm Li-on batteries, heat is their deadliest enemy.

It’s recommended to avoid leaving or storing your mobile device in an enclosed area with little ventilation since it can heat up, particularly inside a heated automobile.

5. Reduce the brightness of the screen

You may conserve electricity by reducing the brightness of your screen. The part of your smartphone that consumes the most battery is the screen.

Although it still makes use of a light sensor, iOS and Android smartphones offer you the option to automatically lower the screen brightness when it’s light outside. Disabling auto-brightness is advised.

Since you usually don’t need the maximum brightness, it’s advisable to manually adjust your screen’s brightness according to the surrounding illumination. This will save your phone’s battery life.

6. Limit phone use while charging

Due to its current status as a need, most individuals find it impossible to live without their phones. However, it is best to avoid using it while it is charging.

avoid use while charging - keep smartphone battery healthy

When you use applications that take a lot of power to function, it uses a lot of energy, which shortens the life of your battery.

It may also cause the gadget to overheat, and as was already noted, heat is Li-on batteries’ biggest enemy.

The best course of action is to turn it off while it charges, or if using it is required, keep your workload extremely low while your phone is plugged in.

7. Avoid using charging cables that are not compatible

The most widespread behavior is the usage of a phony or unofficial charging wire. Because you paid less for it, you could believe that you are saving money, but it can badly damage the battery in your smartphone.

Non-original provider accessories are constructed of subpar materials and don’t function in the same manner as the original cables.

To preserve your battery and your cell phones, make sure you only use the proper charging cords.

8. Auto lock or reduce screen timeout

Your mobile device’s screen may automatically switch off while not in use, much as laptops or PCs. By lowering the screen timeout or auto-lock by 1 minute or even 30 seconds, you may conserve energy.

These capabilities are available on Androids and iPhones, and they are simple to set up.

9. Examine your apps

Like Facebook, all smartphone applications utilize data and power even when they are not being used. Disable background refresh operations in non-essential applications to increase battery life, and do this often.

You’ll notice your battery dwindling when applications are updated since new features may be introduced that need more energy.

Make it a point to keep an eye on programs that utilize power even when you’re not using them.

However, to keep smartphone battery healthy you need to maintain these steps. After doing these, it will be very easy to keep smartphone battery healthy.

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