Different computer peripherals with details of them

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Computer peripherals are some of input and output devices which can be connected via wire or may be wireless. We use various types of component with our computer. In this section we will discuss some most common peripherals of computer which have made our daily used computer more usable.

What computer peripherals do?

Some external devices can enhance your computers performance and functionality which are called computer peripherals. We can not think our personal computer without keyboards, mouse or speakers whether they are built in or external. We are using these devices everyday, although we don’t need to know details about how a keyboard works or a mouse works.

Some important computer peripherals

These computer peripherals increase the productivity and functionality where we use it for entertainment, gaming or working. Input peripherals and output peripherals are some of popular computer peripherals we use today.

Computer input peripherals

There are many input peripherals we use with today’s computer. Some of the most popular input peripherals are keyboard, mouse, scanner, OMR (Optical Mark Reader), Bar code reader, microphone, stylus, joystick and many more. Input peripherals also called input devices.

computer peripherals, input devices, input and output devices of computer

Computer output peripherals

The name of some most popular output peripherals are monitor, printer, speaker, plotter, headphone, projector, sound card, video card and many more. Output peripherals also called output devices.

computer peripherals, output devices, input and output devices of computer

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