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There are different types of plotters which are mainly output devices used for printing vector graphics of different colors.

Generally, we use plotter for printing construction maps, architectural plans, business plans or any other engineering drawings.

Some plotters can be used as computer peripherals where some have internal processor as an standalone devices.

Plotter was first invented in 1953 by Remington Rand. There are different types of plotter we use now a days.

The most popular six types of plotter will be discussed here in this article. We will also discuss about the advantage and disadvantages of plotter later in this article.

As we say there are various types of plotters we use today. Among them some have really gained popularity among users.

The most common six types of plotters are as follows.

  1. Flatbed plotter
  2. Drum plotter
  3. Ink jet plotter
  4. Electrostatic plotter
  5. Cutting plotter
  6. Pinch roller plotter

1. Flatbed plotter

Flatbed plotter has a flat surface on which the paper is placed. The writing pen can move both x and y axis to create drawing and images on the paper.

The pen can be of different sizes and colors. It is one of the most popular types of plotters among users.

flatbed plotter, types of plotter

For this the paper does not move in a flatbed plotter. We can easily draw cars, airplanes, roads, ships or other engineering design by a flatbed plotter.

2. Drum plotter

Drum plotter is also an important types of plotter in which the paper on which we will create the drawings, wraps around a drum.

The pens move across the drum and draw on the paper when the drum rotates.

drum plotter, types of plotter

There are two types of drum plotter we use today. One is internal drum plotter in which the paper is wrapped at the internal surface of the drum.

Other is external drum plotter, where the paper is wrapped on the external surface of the drum.

3. Ink jet plotter

Ink jet plotter is mostly popular types of plotter especially among artists.

Some inkjet plotter has three color palettes of cyan, magenta and yellow and some have four color palettes of previous three and a black also.

ink jet plotter, types of plotter

It can create design on paper by mixing these colors.

As we know that we can make any color using these prime colors, and this principle is applied here to draw anything on a paper.

4. Electrostatic plotter

Electrostatic plotter gives much more speed than any other plotter although here the image quality is not high as other pen plotters.

It uses raster graphics to draw the images.

electrostatic plotter, types of plotter

Here, the toner ink generates dot matrix pixels on the paper. The plotter creates high voltage charges on the paper.

These charges attract the ink and thus it can draw graphics on the paper.

5. Cutting plotter

Cutting plotters have a great speed when we make sign, billboard advertising or vehicle graphics. It can be said as a large-scale cutting device.

cutting plotter, types of plotter

Here, automated plotter knives cut into a sheet on the flat surface. It is now not popular among users as like other type of plotter we have discussed before.

6. Pinch roller plotter

This types of plotter has no much more used now. Here, the paper is placed on a pinch roller mechanism.

pinch roller plotter, types of plotter

The pen can move on the paper and draw the images. In pinch roller plotter the paper and pen move in opposite direction of each other.

Applications of plotter

Advantages of using plotters

Disadvantages of using plotters

How to choose the best plotter?

Choosing the best plotter for printing can be a daunting task, but it is important to consider the specific needs of your printing project.

When choosing a plotter, it is important to consider the size of your printing project and the type of printing you plan to do.

Some plotters are specifically designed for printing on large sheets of paper, while others are better suited for printing on smaller pieces of paper.

It is also important to consider the type of printing you plan to do.

There are three main types of printing: offset printing, digital printing, and direct printing.

Offset printing is the oldest type of printing and is done by printing onto a large sheet of paper and cutting it into smaller pieces.

Digital printing is the most common type of printing and uses a printer head that prints onto a large area of paper via a laser.

Direct printing is a newer type of printing that uses a digital print engine to print.

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Final thoughts

Printing is an essential process for many businesses. It can help you create a product or document quickly and easily, which is why plotter is so important.

A plotter can print documents and products very quickly and easily.

This is especially important for businesses that need to quickly create products or documents.

A plotter can also help you create high-quality products. This is because a plotter can produce accurate prints that are consistent across multiple prints.

If you need to quickly create products or documents, a plotter is an essential tool.

However, in this guide I have discussed almost everything about plotter and some best types of plotter.

Now, it’s your time to share your experience and opinion about the topics.

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