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A speaker is an electrical device which transform and electric audio signal to sound.

An amplifier is used to enhances the sound before the signal is transmitted to the speaker. Loudspeaker uses a magnetic field to drive a magnet or coil attached to a diaphragm. Most of the speakers are using external amplifier today. This type of speakers is called passive speaker.

Type of speaker

There are so many types of speaker we use today. The most popular 10 types of speaker is given bellow;

  1. Bluetooth speaker
  2. Squawker
  3. Tweeter
  4. Sound bars
  5. Subwoofer
  6. Woofer
  7. In ceiling or in wall speaker
  8. Outdoor speaker
  9. Floor standing speaker
  10. Center channel speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers have built in rechargeable batteries. They can be used with smartphone, tablet or computer. It is integrated into most of modern device. Some Bluetooth speakers are very small and can stick to your bag where some are larger. This type of speaker is very convenient when you go outside.

bluetooth speaker, types of speaker


Squawker is also known as mid-range driver which has a frequency range of 250 t0 2000 Hz. It has a simple design and has cone shape or dome shape size. Its primary role is to distribute sound including music. Actually, it is the most basic type of speaker.

squawker speaker, types of speaker


Tweeter is also known as treble speaker which is the smallest type of speaker available now a days. It can increase the frequency and reproduce the upper limit of the audio spectrum. The diaphragm of tweeter can convert the vibration into sound. The diaphragm is made of some special alloy of aluminum, fabric or silk etc. The more it vibrate faster the frequency it generates.

tweeter speaker, types of speaker

Among three main types of tweeter speaker, one is cone tweeter which is cheapest ones. Other is dome tweeter which gives more accurate sound. And another is horn tweeter which is the most powerful tweeter speaker.

Sound bars

Sound bars are used to improve the volume range of tv shows, video games or movies. Some sound bars includes wireless subwoofer where some have Bluetooth and wi-fi built in systems. This can be your good choice if you really want to increase sound quality and voice of your home TV.

sound bars speaker, types of speaker


Subwoofer  speaker is a low frequency omnidirectional speaker. It creates low frequency sound and for this it is used in making such audio like roars, thunder, growls in movies etc. It’s audio quality varies from 20 to 200 Hz.

subwoofer speaker, types of speaker

Subwoofer can be placed anywhere in your room. It can create an environment like audio power coming from the bass. It can also be placed inside your car to get such audio. Watching movies or songs can be more enjoyable with this type of speakers.

Among two types of subwoofer, unpowered subwoofer requires an external amplifier and powered subwoofer need not any external amplifier.


Woofer is another types of speaker which can create a medium frequency more than subwoofer. Its frequency varies from 80 to 1000 Hz. It is mostly being used in cinema or theatre. Actually, these are known as loudspeaker we use today.

woofer speaker, types of speaker

In ceiling or in wall speaker

In ceiling or in wall speakers are not cheap. But they don’t need any extra space in your room. They can be used with stereo sets, televisions, laptop or PC. They can produce sound like a speaker from being hidden from view.

in ceiling or in wall speaker, types of speaker

Outdoor speaker

Outdoor speakers are mainly used outside the home to make yourself fresh with nice audio quality. If you want to enjoy audio in your garden or pool then this can be your good choice. They can withstand heat, humidity, rain or other environmental attack as they use polypropylene materials with their speaker cones.

outdoor speaker, types of speaker

Floor standing speaker

If you want to save more space with getting a good sound quality then a floor standing speaker can help you. They can be placed near your desktop, TV or bookshelf at home. A floor standing speaker can create theater quality audio in even a large room. In most cases they are 2 to 6 feet tall which needs very few spaces in your room as they can stay vertically in your room.

floor standing speaker, types of speaker

Center channel speaker

Center channel speaker is considered as the most critical component of home theater. They carry the biggest portion of your music and for this it should be balanced with your other speakers by frequencies.

center channel speaker, types of speaker

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